Your 2020 Wrapped!

Since 2020 has been a year unlike any other, we over at YouPorn thought it was only fitting to change up your regularly scheduled “year in review” for a special new feature called 2020 Wrapped.

2020 Wrapped gives you a personalized recap of YOUR most watched categories and themes all year long. That’s right: it’s all about YOU here!

This new feature leverages your own taste profile to generate a unique, personalized infographic breaking down your own specific viewing habits, including total minutes watched, top categories, preferred model type, and catered recommendations for more viewing.

The lockdowns and quarantines experienced by most in the world created endless possibilities for YouPorn users to explore new categories and interests. In fact, we think you might even be surprised by what you discover in your personal 2020 Wrapped!

2020 Wrapped will pop up on the user homepage for members when they login, so you can check out yours right away.

YouPorn’s 2020 Wrapped is yet another offering in YouPorn’s commitment to offering a unique experience for its user’s viewing habits.  Previously, YouPorn launched For You Weekly, which offers customized playlists based on viewing habits, and YouPorn SWYP, an interactive mobile experience.

Cheers to all of YOU who made YouPorn your 2020 happy place. We hope 2020 Wrapped helps you find even more to enjoy in 2021!

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