SWYP: Powered by YouPorn

SWYP: Powered by YouPorn

At YouPorn, our goal is to use the best technology to improve our user’s sex lives, and we are incredibly excited to unveil an entirely new app experience that rethinks everything about viewing adult content on your phone.

SWYP is a new app designed to focus on the content our users want, by combining simple swipe gestures with our best-in-class recommendation system. You can flip through video previews one at a time, swiping left to watch a full video. As you flip and watch, we’ll start to recommend more video just for you. It is a unique and lightweight way to find exactly what you love faster than ever, which only gets better the more you use it.

It seems simple, but there are a few things that make this really special:

Native UX

First and foremost, we keep calling this an app because it feels like a truly native experience. Once you add it to your homescreen you’ll completely forget this is a website. No one else in the world is pushing web development to this level when most developers can release true native applications. We’ve raised the bar on what’s possible on the web.

AI recommendations

Underneath that smooth, gorgeous design are powerful recommendation algorithms that find the perfect videos out of millions in our library so you don’t have to. We’ve refreshed our already industry-leading systems to not just analyze what you swipe to watch, but how you react to the previews, getting better and better with each visit.


Everyone does everything on their phones, including watch porn, so SWYP has been built to be the best possible experience on your phone, and feels great no matter how you hold your phone. While most of our video library is in a more traditional landscape orientation, more users and video producers are interested in portrait video, and SWYP is the best possible way to view that content.

YouPorn is always evolving and building the future of porn, and we’re so excited to share this new app experience with you. Check it out for yourself here, and let us (and all your friends!) know what you think!

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