Sex Zodiac with Dossé-Via

The stars have aligned with leading adult entertainment platform for monthly horoscopes…

That’s right! we have partnered up with KnowTheZodiac to launch the online platform, Whether the proud Leo or a sensual Cancer, SexZodiac takes readers down a path rarely explored, with the intention of enlightening those who crave a more fulfilling sex life or relationship, according to their zodiac sign.

“SexZodiac was created with two things in mind,” said Charlie Hughes, Vice President of YouPorn. “We wanted to offer our users a new mode of exploring themselves, while also presenting them with information that could positively impact their lives by understanding what their desires mean, and who they might be compatible with. Overall, bringing on KnowTheZodiac, Dossé-Via to become our in-house astrologer is a very exciting partnership for us.”

“I’m very eager to be partnering with SexZodiac and writing the monthly scopes for this new astrology platform. One of my favorite parts of astrology is delving into compatibility and helping people be more in tune with their sexual and emotional nature, so this very much meshes with what I’m passionate about. There’s a life-changing effect when humans take time to understand some of the factors that can influence their sexual and romantic appetites. Reading one’s monthly horoscope from SexZodiac provides people with a greater awareness of their sexual urges and motivations, and that makes the world a better place all around.”

SexZodiac will feature sex horoscopes broken down by each zodiac sign by YouPorn’s in-house astrologer, Dossé-Via Trenou-Wells. Visitors can sign up for monthly e-mails or visit the new website to find out who they are compatible with, what their sign says about their sexual tastes, what their sexual interests mean based on their horoscope and much more.

“I love being able to enlighten spiritual beings on how the planetary alignments in our solar system can help them live their best lives. These monthly horoscopes with SexZodiac are for those who want to experience an even more fulfilling sex life and best navigate each day,”

For more information or to sign up for monthly horoscopes, please visit:

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