Making YouPorn just for YOU

Making YouPorn just for You

As a software product, porn is fascinating. A common refrain among tech companies is to “make something people want”. In the case of porn, it’s “make something people want” to masturbate to, which leads to all kinds of user experience and design challenges, among many other complexities rooted deep in human sexuality. In a recent user survey we learned that while they obviously want porn, it’s not clear that we’re solving the right problems for our users.

30% of current users can’t find content they like.

60% of negative feedback was related to the content.


We don’t want to presume what you might like. Our primary goal is to help you find the best possible content for you, quickly and consistently. To do this we are launching a curated video series and smarter personalization features, and have refreshed the design of the site and logo.


Variety & Authenticity

Porn can sometimes get stuck in a weird feedback loop where producers create and then aggressively optimize around consumer trends. Anything that gets any traction with users is soon everywhere. But we often miss the reason why the content was initially popular in the interest of riding the wave of popularity.

So what do users generally want to see? In our recent survey, one user eloquently described a quite common request:

“Realistic portrayals of people having sex and enjoying it.”

Is it really that simple? We intend to promote this kind of content very heavily and find out. Today we are starting “We ❤”: our curated series highlighting different content we love from our verified amateurs and channels! But even focusing on this ‘niche’ (if you can call it that) is too constraining, because that is not what everyone necessarily wants.  The trendy content is trendy because lots of people are interested in it. These collections of  videos will be updated regularly by our curation team, special guests, and our machine-learning powered recommendation engine to feature different genres, techniques, settings, directors, and more!

So there always needs to be more porn, in all styles, niches, angles, and plots, and as the volume continues to skyrocket the tools for finding the right content get more and more important.


Increasing Serendipity

Some of the most useful features we’ve built for helping users find the right content require registering for a free account, which deprives too many of our users of these great tools.

We’ve been making major progress using machine learning to power search and related content on YouPorn, and have seen success recently in using that intelligence to make recommendations to users. Now we’re making several features available when logged-out, and even better for registered users, to make sure you can find more of what you like, much faster. And in the next few months we will be releasing many more intelligent features that don’t require logging in.


The New Design

Our new logo is a reflection of our mission: to provide a clean, inclusive, and personalized experience for all users. We decided on a crisp, simple font and used the font-weight to emphasize our focus on you, our users. The refreshed site has a clean interface that gets out of the way and helps you find more of what you love, and will adjust over time to your interests.


79% of users talk about sex with their partners, but only 58% watch porn together.


The heart in the new logo was a controversial choice. Hearts are normally equated with love, and love and porn haven’t always aligned. We kept the heart central to our logo because we believe that porn can be exciting and inspiring for everyone. Partners can be open with each other about what they are into; what they watch, and how they can enjoy it together. We’ll be talking much more about how couples can do this very soon.



“porn greatly helped me understand what I’m into and that it’s fine to be kinky”

—user feedback


Your sex life is incredibly important. Sexual frustrations and inhibitions can cause tremendous damage to our emotional stability, mental health, or relationships, among other things. People have been using YouPorn to relieve some of these tensions and explore their fantasies, and we’re grateful to be such an important part of our 20 million daily users lives. We intend to help you learn more about yourself and your partner and be a healthy sexual being, and we can’t wait to see what you think.


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Owen Dean
3 years ago

I’m really trying to get my wife to help me find a mature open minded shemale that can be our FWB to have fun and let loose and b our girlfriend so to speak my biggest fantasy is my wife ,myself and a shemale getting together on weekends how can I make this happen

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