2018 Heterosexual Porn Preferences

YouPorn Hetersexual User Preferences

In a recent survey, we learned a bit more about what our self-identified, heterosexual users interests were in porn. The results were interesting, so naturally we wanted to talk about it!

39% of our heterosexual female users reported watching same-sex porn—where participants are only female— whereas just 24% of our heterosexual male users indicated that they watch male-on-male content on YouPorn. These same sex scenes seem to be more fun for our users than watching people (go) solo: only 16% of female users preferred watching male solo shows and 21% preferred watching female solo shows. The male users proved to be even less inclined to watch male solo shows, with only 7% of male users reporting they watch them. They do however like the solo female shows with 26% of male users having answered that this is content that they watch on YouPorn.


Watching porn together proves to be more popular with both sexes; 65% of our male users and 59% of female users had watched porn with their significant other. We learned that 36% percent of our female users have had sex with another female and that 24% of the males have had sex with another male. On a similar note, 45% of our female users said they had not participated in-group sex, but would like to and 51% of our male users confirmed the same for themselves. It turns out, that with all of the options and different categories in porn 36% of women and 60% of men still said that over the last five years, their preferences in porn have remained the same.

Something we will have to inquire about further in our next survey!

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Peter Smith
3 years ago

and how are we defining heterosexual these days?

3 years ago
Reply to  Peter Smith

Im wondering the same I assume you are supposed to strictly male and female interaction, i am not a lesbian as many men aren’t gay, but we may take part in group sex involving both sex’s.

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