Author: Katie

YouPorn Announces $100K Fund to Support COVID-19 Relief Projects Rooted in Tech and Innovation

YouPorn, your favorite porn site for unlimited adult entertainment, today announced a global fund to support COVID-19 relief projects created by technology, engineering and science organizations, including small teams of innovators not tied to a corporation. In an effort to bring these projects to life around the world, YouPorn has allocated $100K to provide assistance […]

Making YouPorn just for YOU

Making YouPorn just for You

As a software product, porn is fascinating. A common refrain among tech companies is to “make something people want”. In the case of porn, it’s “make something people want” to masturbate to, which leads to all kinds of user experience and design challenges, among many other complexities rooted deep in human sexuality. In a recent user […]

Mother’s Day Searches 2017

Every year, on the second Sunday of May, people gather together to celebrate moms. Some go for brunch, others buy her a gift to show their appreciation. Then there are those that prefer to visit YouPorn and show their appreciation for all moms. We teamed up with Mass Appeal to see how the holiday affected […]

YouPorn Users Turn to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Last Friday, April 28,  Nintendo released Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for Switch. Poised to be the next must-have switch game, we took to the site to see if viewing habits among our “gamer” affinity changed after Friday’s release. Already the fastest selling game in the history of the series, let’s see the affect it had on […]

What Women Really Want When it Comes to Porn; a YouPorn Survey

With the explosion of social media nothing seems to be off limits nowadays.  Live video stories and risqué photos can be shared in an instant. Thoughts and opinions on any matter can be shared with millions in the form of a 140 character tweet. One thing that is being discussed more and more on these platforms, is […]

1, 2, SWITCH!

Nintendo recently launched their newest, highly anticipated console, the Nintendo Switch. And just last Friday, millions of people (thanks to the magic of pre-order) finally got their hands on a Switch device. If there’s one thing we know about YouPorn viewers, it’s that they love their video games as much as they love their porn. […]

Viewer survey – Help us, help you.

Everybody has an opinion. What’s your take on the season finale of “Westworld”? Did she really go on vacation to Saint-Tropez or is that the aftermath of a bad tanning session? What’s your favorite flavor of lube? Ask ten different people any one of these questions and chances are you will get ten very different answers. […]

Women & YouPorn

As part of a special collaboration with our friends at the Daily Dot, today we’ll be taking a look at how members of the fairer sex get turned on by YouPorn. According to our data analytics tools, about 23% of YouPorn’s visitors worldwide are women. Across the United States, the average proportion of women viewers […]

YouPorn Car Design: Winner Revealed

In June we launched the search for the ultimate car design for the YouPorn Car. We received hundreds of amazing entries and it’s finally time to reveal the winning design! The design was brought to life by none other than Celebrity Car Customizer Yiannimize. Check out the video below: