YouPorn Removes Mobile Ads

With a total of 64.56% of YouPorn’s traffic being from phones, the popularity of viewing on mobile devices continues to rise among both men and women.

Men still hold the highest viewing percentage across all devices, but the percentage of female viewers continues to increase, with 25% viewing on phones and 24% viewing on tablets, compared to 18% on desktops. This called for a reduction in mobile ads, to continue to work towards providing a clean, inclusive and personalized experience for all users.

Mobile Device traffic now accounts for 76.5% of all traffic on the site. This marks a significant jump over the course of the last year, up from 66.5% in early 2017, further highlighting the importance of an improved mobile experience for YouPorn users. As part of the upgrade, users will notice a drastic change to the platform on mobile devices. By removing the mobile pop-under, as well as the mobile header & middle banner on browse and list pages, users will experience a streamlined viewing session without worrying about hidden windows when they close after their session.

Categories can now also be combined when searching for content, as an improvement on filtering tools so users can find exactly what they are looking for, faster. YouPorn also continues to invest in translating the site into supported languages, including dynamic content and announcements, making the site more accessible on a global level. Let us know what you think!


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