Nanny to Teach Ch. 07

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Russ and Wayne were in Russ' exercise room working out with some heavy weights. Russ was lying back on a bench, pumping iron.

"You're getting pretty good, Russ," Wayne commented as he watched his employer's muscles bulge.

"I'd like to get as good as you are, Wayne," Russ grunted. Just then the door opened and Susan popped in.

"Have you seen Gene?" She asked. "Laura sent me to find him." she was wearing a pair of white shorts and a super sexy halter top, her long blond hair done in a pony tail.

"Sorry. He's not here, Susan," Russ replied.

"What are you guys doing?" she asked.

"Working out with some weights, pumping iron," Wayne answered as Russ strained to lift the increased weights put on the bar by Wayne.

"Both of you guys really do pump iron – in more ways than one!" she laughed. "Do you think I could learn to do that?"

"Would you like to try?" Russ asked her.

"Sure. Why not."

"Be our guest," Russ said, getting up from the bench so she could lie down.

"That's it. Get comfortable just like Russ was, legs apart." Wayne instructed. When she lay back on the bench, her shorts rode up into the crack of her ass and her heavy tits strained against the cloth of her halter.

"We'll try thirty pounds to start. Think that's okay, Russ?" Wayne asked.

"Yeah. I'll hold her legs down, you be safety man."

Wayne handed her the light barbell. "Now push up. If it's too heavy, I'll take it."

Susan strained and pushed and had no trouble. Both men stared at her suntanned legs and bulging tits. She was looking up into Russ' crotch, visualizing the enormous cock beneath his shorts. Susan smiled at him, even rows of white teeth glittered under the lights between lips as red as blood.

"How am I doing?" she asked.

"Great!" Russ answered.

It's so warm in here. I'm getting sweaty already,' she puffed, as she lifted the barbell up and down. "Care if I take off some clothes?"

"I'll help you, Susan," Russ quickly responded. He unbuttoned her shorts and pulled them off. His hands trembled as they got under the elastic band of her panties and pulled them down slowly. Half of her cunt bush was uncovered now, and Wayne's eyes were widening, his cock twitching, starting to strain against his tight gym shorts. She raised her legs and Russ pulled her panties of. Both men were eyeballing that heavily forested pubic patch now open to full view. Russ quickly dropped his shorts, as did Wayne.

"You guys like my pussy? It's all hot and gooey. Do you want some?" In answer, their cock, Wayne's full ten inches and Russ' eight inches, surged to full erections. The thought of eighteen inches of cock sent shivers through her body. Perhaps she had bitten off more than she could chew? She got off the bench and walked to the wrestling mat on the floor.

"Russ, lie down,' she commanded. "You're going to eat my pussy! Wayne, come over here. While Russ is eating my pussy, I'm going to suck you off. Any objections?"

They shook their heads. "Eat me, Russ!" she whispered urgently, fitting her sizzling cunt-slit neatly over his nose and lips. His tongue and lips felt so good! Her crotch and his face were pressed together as she straddled his head.

Wayne stood in front of her, pulling her head back and forth, impaling her face on his long curving prick before withdrawing. Her mouth formed into a tight "O" that ringed his giant cockhead. Her tongue was a darting flame of fire, circling and spiraling around the blood-engorged prick, savoring the full meaty taste of Wayne's throbbing, iron-hard cock. She paused. Then her tongue teased at the opening of Wayne's cock, trying to force its way down into the great shaft. It was a futile effort, but Susan and Wayne both gloried in the attempt. Susan took his cock all in one gulp, feeling it poke down her throat and stretch her jaws to the point of painfulness with its remarkable girth. She had long since learned how not to gag while swallowing cock; she hung on professionally, her tongue pinned to her cheek by the giant prick. Wayne felt a huge orgasm building.

Russ' tongue had discovered her flaps of cuntflesh. His nose slid into the hole his tongue had been trying to fill. She was humping his face! His hands reached up and found her huge tits. Her clit felt tender. It needed a rest. Russ had worked it over very well indeed! "Oh my god, Russ! That's enough! I'm cuming!" Susan squealed.

Gradually Russ let his head fall back on the mat. Wayne grabbed Susan's blond ponytail, dragging her face down onto his straining, turgid prick while his hips bucked uncontrollably. Waves of orgasmic tension washed up his body and down again. Susan tasted her first tangy drop of clear preseminal fluid. Sighing happily around her mouthful of cock, she relished the milky taste of his cum. Frantically; Wayne thrust his hips forward again and again, fucking her face with a wild passion.

"Cum soon!" the girl mentally begged. Oh how she longed for, lusted for, Wayne's jizz to fill her mouth and throat! She got her wish. Wayne grunted and blew his wad.

From his position on the floor looking up, Russ had a view of the effects of the erotic eruptions. Wayne's eyes were screwed tightly shut, and his powerful back arched as if he was being electrocuted. Animal sounds of pleasure issued from his thick throat. Susan's cheeks were pouched out like a chipmunk's as Wayne pumped gallon upon gallon of his cum into her greedy, willing mouth. Her body quivered and quaked as she drank it al in, swallowing huge gulps of the white fluid as Wayne released his lust. When he was finished spurting into her mouth, Susan pulled away and let his cockjuice drip onto the mat.

She forced her pussy down onto Russ' face. He stuck his tongue up her cunt and flicked it in and out as fast as he could.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm, ah, Russ, I'm cuming! Jesus!" she screamed and gushed the most wonderful cunt juice Russ had ever tasted. It flooded his mouth and down over his face. God, would she

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