Gay Men Turn Me On

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I started to look for him. Every time I found myself in the coffee shop he frequented I would watch the door. He came in most mornings. A dark haired, masculine man who was a little too full of himself. He was obviously into men which somehow made him more attractive. Whenever I saw him flirting with men who weren’t as sexy as he was, it bothered me. I liked touching myself picturing his cock in the mouth of a man just as sexy as he was.

How was I going to get his attention? He was an army guy, but I knew nothing else about him. I did know I had to let him know I was interested. Each time I saw him I thought next time. Next time I was going to ask him where a good place to get drink was. But as weeks passed, I kept delaying it. Till one day, when the weather broke, he came in wearing a tank top and short shorts. His body was undeniable. I could already tell he was in good shape, but this was so much better than I pictured.

“So do you drink anything besides coffee” Why was I so embarrassing? He laughed and I was bright red. “You are adorable. Coffee gets me through the day but I prefer vodka.”

The conversation did progress despite my awkwardness and I learned where to go if I ever wanted him to buy me a tequila. I absolutely did.

I wore a new skater dress, knee high boots and a bold lipstick.

“Wow.” Hearing that made it worth wearing a short dress in 60 degree weather.

After some more compliments and a round of margaritas, the conversation took off.

“What kind of men do you like?” he asked with a slight smile.

My head started to spin. He has to be gay. The excitement I felt in my panties was for far more than just hooking up with a sexy man.

Luckily he could see the confusion in my eyes. “I assume based on your body, we like the same kind of men. Let’s play a game. Hottest guy in here besides me.”

Glancing around the room, I chose 3 men. Dark haired, handsome, well dressed men.

“Agreed. So tell me something about yourself.”

“What do you want to know?”

“Let’s order another drink.”

A few drinks later we were getting somewhere.

“We’d have to pick the right guy. You can’t choose a guy who isn’t sure if he is gay. We need a guy who likes both of us. You would have to get him going first. He has to be mostly straight. Then if he is still interested when I enter the picture we would have a winner.”

“Do I get you going?”

“Yes. I would cum all over that ass.”

A few drinks later and no luck with men we headed to another bar. This time he sat much closer to me. Stroking my leg he asked if I wanted him to pleasure me.

“I don’t know,” I said like the shy girl I liked to pretend to be.

“Might be good if you let me find out what you like before we let anyone else join.”

Mmm that made sense. I wanted to be pleased. I want someone to look at my body. I want to see him grow touching me.

“I mean I would love to see you shirtless.”

We ended up in the hotel a few blocks away. As he undressed in front of me I could feel myself getting wet. I wanted to rub my pussy against his hard cock. He straddled me in his tiny little boxers and I reached out for his hard cock.

“It’s yours.”

I led him to the bed and got on my knees below him and pulled his cock out. His was thick. And his balls were smooth.

He took his cock out of mouth and started to stroke it as he guided my head to his balls. I wrapped my lips around them like a good girl. Hearing him moan and watching him stroke his cock made me ready to take off my dress.

He pinned me to the bed. “I’m going to fuck you hard.” He wasn’t asking. And he did just that. He pushed his cock hard inside me and went deep and fast.

“It feels so good. Keep going.”

He fucked harder and harder. He held my legs out and spread me further. “Your legs are perfect. Watching myself fuck your pussy is going to make me cum.” He took his cock out and told me to turn over. He buried his tongue in my pussy. Slowly licking everything. I was in the verge of cumming and he could tell. He pulled my ass up and pushed he cock inside me. “Can I cum inside you?”

“Please I have a condom on and you feel too good.”

“Make me cum first.”

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Uploaded April 27, 2021
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