My Mature Pantyhose Experience

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I have had a love for sheer tights or pantyhose for as long as Ive been able to appreciate the female body. I couldn't say where it stemmed from, I just found them incredibly alluring. The thought of smelling them, touching them and running my tongue up the back of a well-toned nylon clad leg was the biggest turn on.

The following tells the true story of what turned out to be my favourite nylon encounter. I was in my early mid 30s and between girlfriends at the time resulting in me having plenty of time on my hands. A male friend of mine made an annual trip to the horse racing in a group consisting almost entirely of older woman in their mid 40s through to their 60s. They invited him along each year, enjoying his company and good humour. I was not part of the set but with an empty diary jumped at the chance to meet him out in town later on. They had been drinking most of the afternoon and so I had a few prior to heading out, lest I be playing too much catch up.

I had expected the women to have had their fill of prosecco and be heading home to their husbands by the time I met him in town but they were in full swing and showing little sign of calling it a night. They had had a successful day at the races and were keen to make the most of it. They were great fun I had to admit and found myself attracted to their direct confidence often exhibited by the older woman. My mate was in his element entertaining and it became clear he was in no rush to find out what else the night had to offer.

I was nursing a drink when one of the woman, Sally asked if she could sit beside me. Sally was I guessed in her mid 50s had shoulder length brunette hair and a fullish figure. In fact without wishing to sound unkind she was pretty unremarkable in the looks department. As she shuffled in alongside I did wonder if she had noticed me glancing at her sheer black nylon covered legs from across the bar. She wasn't naturally tall but her high heels did a good job of making her legs look toned and her bottom firm.

Whether it was the recent lack of female company, the alcohol or the thought of my cock rubbing up against her sheer tights I couldn't say, but I quickly realized that I was horny as fuck talking to her. She quickly dropped into conversation that she was single. God know what we talked about however, it was one of those occasions were it didn't really matter because you were both drunk and seemed to be some mutual attraction there. She had a dirty laugh that I liked and in addition to general flirty behavior she applied bright red lipstick not long into our conversation which instantly had me thinking about them being wrapped around my hard cock. I kept taking short peeks at her well set thighs and how good they would be to touch.

I was getting carried away however and being naturally a pretty shy guy was not inclined to push things too far. She asked me where lived, in case I wanted to share a taxi. In all honesty it wasn't more convenient but I said I would chum her along. As she said her goodbyes Leaving the bar I was able to get a better look at her legs, her skirt just above her knee offering a tantalizing glimpse of what lay beyond. As she got into the taxi her skirt road up exposing her inner thighs. Almost certainly tights rather than stockings, a plus in my books. As we raced down the road towards her house I couldn't help thinking whether she wore panties under those hose and what a shame it was that id never find out.

As the car slowed to her house she rested a hand on my leg and asked if I would like to join her for a drink instead? I pretended it was no big deal but wasted little time in accepting the offer. The conversation continued on the couch but it was clear there was only one way this was headed. She dangled her stiletto heal off her foot exposing the soft arch. As the words ran out we looked at each other and the urge to get physical was too much for us both. We briefly made out, exploring each other mouths. She moaned as I kissed her neck and jerked as my tongue darted in and out of her ear. I whispered that I wanted to taste her whole body. My hand glided up her sheer pantyhose, every bit as intoxicating as Id imagined. As my hand reached the gusset I felt the warm wetness through the material. She hadn’t been wearing panties! As I lifted up her skirt and positioned her legs I took in the full wonderful site of her juicy pussy. Her long lips and a well maintained bush evident behind the nylon screen, the seam line perfectly pressed against her swollen clit. She guided my head to explore her mature cunt. I took in the sweet pungent aroma and decided that I was going to give Sally the mother of all lickouts. First however I tongued her through the pantyhose, feeling her ever increasing wetness. She motioned for my head to ease off as she was about to cum. She ran her hand over my crotch feeling my penis as it strained to be let out of its misery. Taking off my pants it sprang to attention, the head already glistening with pre-cum. She teased my glans opening my cock hole wider and gently lifting the pre-cum with the tip of her tongue. I watched as the sticky liquid stretched from her bright red lips down to my shaft. She then took my cock, sucking hard and rhythmically down its length. Sally had clearly been in desperate need of a big dick and I was happy to oblige. A combination of her work and my pelvic thrusts nearly made me explode there and then as I fucked her mouth. She gently licked my ballsack, flicking her tongue as she did so. Her lipstick had almost entirely rubbed off on my cock such was her determination to pleasure me.

I positioned Sally on the coach and asked her to bend over. I ran first my hands and then my mouth up her calves. I peeled her pantyhose down to the top of her thighs exposing her plump ass. I hadn’t lied when I said I wanted to explore her whole body...we were in the zone and both totally insatiable. I spread her ass cheeks apart

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