The Single: Chapter 6

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***Please note: this chapter is a continuation of The Singles, Chapter 4, and is not intended to stand on its on. Reading the preceding chapter first is strongly recommended.***


I passed most of the next few days in a haze. My mind and body were buzzing over my wild experience at the beach and then after. I could still hardly believe it. I had just had a threesome. A threesome! I mean, seriously, who actually has a threesome?!

I still wasn't sure what had come over me at the beach. I had been a little irritated at Darren and Melissa for abandoning me the second I dozed off on the blanket. How was I to know they were fucking when I swam up to them? They were completely still, neck-deep in the water, apparently just relaxing, until Melissa's face gave it away. Somehow, instead of being mortified by catching them out, I had been massively turned on. Maybe it was because of my wild night with Darren; I still got turned on just talking to him and being around him, and my thoughts frequently drifted to the possibility of repeating that experience. Add to that the fact that I was completely nude on the beach for the first time, and I guess I was pretty aroused to begin with. After that, we all had become caught up in the moment, and just went with it.

Unfortunately, I was more or less alone with my thoughts for the next couple days. Darren still kept a separate apartment for his days with his kids (he preferred to keep his "single" and "family" activities separate) and for a few different reasons I really didn’t want to bring it up with Melissa right then; I wanted to get her and Darren together for a chat. Instead, I tried to focus on work, but that still left me with my evenings in the house with Melissa and the proverbial elephant in the room. Fortunately, I was saved from my awkwardness by Audrey, who called on Monday to ask when she could start moving in. Since there was already a bedroom ready for her, I told her she could start immediately; in fact if she wanted some help...

Audrey accepted, of course. I almost regretted my offer when I got to her place; I had been unable to visualize how much stuff can be in a five-person house! Still, we dug in fiercely, sorting things for "storage", "move", and "later". It took two evenings to load up her bedroom, but we were in the zone, so we kept packing, and by the end of the week we had enough extra boxes and tubs to fill a storage unit, as well as a pile of "common area" stuff to move once the main-floor rec room was complete. While we worked, we talked. I learned about her late husband. Her three kids. Twenty-five years of child-rearing, including birthdays, after-school events, parent-teacher sessions, boyfriends/girlfriends and broken hearts. And how lonely it can be when it's all gone. And here I was at 36, and I hadn't experienced any of it. And yet it was Audrey who was hoping for new experiences! I guess the more you live your life, the more you can't stand to see any of it just slip away unlived. Food for thought.

We pulled up to the house about 9:00 with the last load: just Audrey and her essentials. Darren had been back for a couple days; he and Melissa were just finishing up supper, and they waved us in.

"It looks like you're officially moved in," Darren smiled at Audrey. He waved at the pots on the stove. "Have you eaten? Help yourself if you're hungry, we made lots."

"We ate, thanks," Audrey answered. "And thank you for the welcome! It will be nice having a full house again, but I suspect having housemates will be a little different from living with family!" That last was said with a grin and a twinkle; I assumed she had deduced that there would be a degree of "naughtiness" in this house that she hadn't lived with before. "It's been a rough week. I think I might settle into a bathtub and rest my old bones."

"You stop that," I chided her. "You're no older than the rest of us. Who cares what the numbers say?"

"Seconded!" Melissa added. "Hey, instead of a plain old boring bath, you should try out the hot tub! Darren and I were already planning on going for a soak, you guys should join us. Just head on up, I'll grab the wine and join you."

Audrey agreed, and we headed upstairs while Darren finished clearing the table. "So," she asked me when we reached the upstairs master room and I started to pull off my shirt, "what's the dress code up here? The same as you were wearing first time I met you?"

I blushed at the memory. "Whatever you're comfortable with. We don't have any rules like that here, although we don't typically bother with swimsuits. Hell, we were all naked at the beach on Saturday; no point in covering up at home without good reason." I had removed my blue jeans as well and was working on my bra. I stopped suddenly. "You're not too uncomfortable with that, are you? We can accommodate if you like..."

"No, no, don't change anything on account of me," Audrey assured me. "Just do what you always do. This is just...a little new to me." She flashed me one of her lovely smiles. "Remember, part of the reason I'm here is to try new things, remember?" With that, she began peeling off her own clothes. She giggled slightly, holding one arm across her chest and the other hand over her bush as she scurried across the deck to the tub, relaxing once she was safely under the cover of the water.

I settled in beside her. "It's almost completely private out here, so you don't have to worry about spying neighbours," I reassured her. "But you're a lot braver than I was. Darren and Melissa dragged me to the nude beach as my initiation. Without warning me in advance, I might add. I kinda freaked on them at first. You get used to it though. Melissa stole my top later that day, then a while later we hit the hot tub, and I decided to give it a shot." I settled into the water up to my chin and let my feet float for a minute. "No

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Notes Imogen and Audrey get to know each other while Audrey moves in. How close will they get?
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