The Singles, Chapter 4

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***Please note: this chapter is a continuation of The Singles, Chapter 3, and is not intended to stand on its on. Reading the preceding chapter first is strongly recommended.***


The house was beautiful. The house was a dump. Wait, what? OK, let me backtrack a little.

Imogen had called me in the middle of the night after our day out at the beach, telling me she was in 100%, and she couldn't wait to move out of her apartment and in with us. I almost asked if Darren was there with her, she seemed so excited, but for once I bit my tongue. Anyway, I called our Realtor in the morning to step up the search a bit, and she came back the following day with a big old monster of a house not far from Assiniboine Park. The place was almost as big as the one I had teased Darren about when I first suggested roommates; oodles of bedroom and bathrooms, two full kitchens, two formal dining rooms, lots of space for common areas. And massively in need of renovations. I marshalled the troops for a conference.

A closer look revealed that the place was in better shape than it appeared, at least structurally. The foundation had been repaired by the current owner after flooding had messed up the basement pretty bad, so we had no structural worries, only cosmetic. However, the cosmetic concerns were substantial enough to put this gorgeous old house into shouting distance of our desired price range. Our agent even offered to buy my condo for cash if we needed money quickly for the down payment. Even better: the place was vacant and ready for immediate possession. Ten days later, we had ourselves a house.

We were all impatient to get moved in, so we claimed the rooms in the best shape and started making arrangements with a contractor to get started on the renovations; because the house was sold for well below its assessed value, we were able to access a significant amount of extra capital with our mortgage, provided the money was spent on upgrades. Moving, decorating, our jobs, and living with contractors underfoot left us exhausted for a while, so as much as I was really itching to end my drought with Darren, I just didn't have the energy, so most evenings ended with the three of us vegging out on the couch in front of the TV. The contractors worked quickly though, focussing on finishing one room at a time as quickly as possible, as per our instructions. Soon enough, we had enough refinished living space to accommodate the three of us, although the extra bedrooms and most of the common areas were still under construction. The most important item was completed on schedule, though: a fancy new hot tub I had picked up for the upstairs patio.

The master suite in the house was fantastic. Not only did it have a walk-in closet the size of my first apartment, the bathroom was bigger than the one in my condo. The best part however was the patio. French doors opened out onto a third-floor space almost as large as the bedroom itself, overlooking the river. High enough to be completely private, it provided a wonderful place to enjoy fresh air without the intrusion of annoying insects and the like, as well as being only a few steps from indoor comfort. The ideal place for a four-seasons hot tub. The master suite itself we had agreed to leave as "common space" so there would be no arguments over who got the "best bedroom". The master bath would be open for anyone to use, and the bedroom itself would serve as a lounge area perfect for hot-tub parties. Naturally it was the first common space we wanted finished, and by the first week of July the hot tub was installed and begging to be tried out. Who were we to keep it waiting?

After the contractors finally left for the night (around 9:00 PM; we gave them permission to work as late as they pleased in order to get the work done as soon as possible) Imogen whipped up some snacks while Darren and I prepped the tub for the first use. Once the water was heated, he stripped naked and climbed in, settling in with a most contented sigh. I followed suit immediately; it was a cool night for July, and the warm water made a great contrast to the cool air. Darren's eyes travelled slowly over my body as I wandered out onto the patio and settled into the tub; although we'd been back to the beach a couple times since our first trip with Imogen, we hadn't seen each other naked at home since we started our "break" from sleeping together, and I could tell he appreciated the view in a home setting again. I slid down beside him and let him put his arm around me as Imogen finally arrived with refreshments. She was dressed in a light t-shirt and her bikini bottoms (the top remained somewhere in Lake Winnipeg) which flattered her figure amazingly, and when she pulled off her top Darren and I both stared in spite of ourselves. True, we'd seen her tits before, but again the setting was different. Imogen approached the tub, pausing at the edge for a second as if forgetting something. Suddenly she bent, pulled her bottoms off, and slid into the tub opposite us.

"About time," Darren teased from beside me.

"Shut up," she shot back. "You should be congratulating me for getting the courage to do that in front of you guys. If you're a good boy, I might even do this next time we go to the beach. I've been thinking about it, you know. Just a little shy still. Anyway," she raised her wine glass in a toast, and we did the same, "we did it guys. Welcome to our new home. Some assembly still required." Darren and I echoed the sentiment, and we settled into an easy conversation as we enjoyed our new relaxation center. I got up after a while to run to the "little girls' room", and when I got back, Imogen had moved over beside Darren, almost touching shoulders. I slid back in on his other side, ducking inside the circle of his arm, motioning with a wink and a grin for Imogen to do the same on her side. Darren sat up proud as a peacock, w

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Notes Melissa, Darren, and Imogen move into their new home.
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