The Singles: Chapter 3

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***Please note: this chapter is a continuation of The Singles, Chapter 2, and is not intended to stand on its on. Reading the preceding chapter first is strongly recommended.***


Melissa and I spent a lot of time over the next few days discussing options and laying out a "game plan". There were several details we needed to hammer out, such as how much space we would need to combine our households with limited compromise, and the rules and limitations on our "benefits" situation. Price would be a factor as well, even though we were both financially comfortable enough that we didn't expect that to be a tremendous issue. Location that would be convenient for us both. How to handle shared expenses such as utilities, laundry detergent, groceries, etc. One evening, after several hours of debate amidst the remains of Vietnamese take-out, Melissa finally lost her cool.

"Dammit, Darren!" she yelled at me. "You're not married any more. Stop acting all pussy-whipped and insist on something! Being single means never having to give up on what you really want. Remember that."

She was right of course. Compromise had become a way of life for me. Not that I begrudged anything I had ever given up for Tanis' sake. Far from it; I truly didn't mind making sacrifices to make her happy. Melissa's point was that I didn't have to make anyone happy now except myself, and that I wasn't going to offend her by making demands. She was certainly holding nothing back on her side of the negotiating table, bringing a whole laundry list of requirements in terms of space, class, and amenities.

"One other thing I think is a necessity," she said later that night, taking a break from sucking my dick in order to take up a conversation thread we'd left behind hours before, "is three bedrooms. It gives us a neutral place as an option, rather than always having to decide, 'my place or yours'. Not that we'd only use that room, but I think it would be important to have that option."

"I hadn't thought of that," I answered thoughtfully as she got back to the task at hand. "It's a good idea though. Especially since we can then equip that room specifically as our playroom without throwing off the decor of our own private spaces." I paused as she moved upward to straddle my hips, helping her position herself as she mounted me, sliding carefully down on my cock and starting a nice comfortable rocking motion. "I can think of a few items we could add to a room with one primary purpose."

"And what kind of 'items' might you be referring to," she asked, bracing her hands on my chest for balance as she continued rolling her hips, drawing a bit of a groan from me before I could form a more articulate answer.

"How about a pair of hoops or a bar of some kind hanging from the ceiling," I answered. "I'm sure you'd find that useful at a moment like this, couldn't you?"

She gasped her way through a couple stronger thrusts down against me at the thought. "And here I thought you were a good boy. You have a kinky streak, don't you?"

"Only thinking about your comfort," I insisted, stopping further conversation by pulling her down on top of me and filling her mouth with my tongue. No additional plans were made that night, although I can't say our time was not spent productively. Apparently thoughts of the types of "special furnishings" we might add to our playroom really got her going, and we experimented with several new positions before drifting off.

Our search began the following day, scouting through listings of places for sale or rent. We were in no particular rush, so we decided to take our time and look for a place that met all of our criteria. I was surprised at how different it was from house-hunting with Tanis; amazing how lack of a need to compromise affects a person's outlook. It meant it would be tougher for us to find a place that suited us both, but I had a feeling I'd be much happier with the results. A week passed without any luck. We'd viewed a couple places just to feel like we were doing something, but nothing we saw really seemed to fit.

"How about this one?" Melissa asked me with a grin over lunch on Saturday.

I took a look at the listing she indicated. "Eight bedrooms. Five bathrooms. Four-car garage. In-ground pool. Two complete master suites. Forty-two hundred square feet. Hm. Looks nice, but are you sure that's enough space for us?"

"Smart ass," she answered. "Ok, so that one is a little much, but I was just thinking. We're looking for a 'single life' experience, after all. I was just thinking if we got a bigger house, we could rent out some of the extra rooms; group living would be just like my college days!"

"Well..." I began.

"Listen, Darren." Melissa had a somewhat annoyed look on her face all of a sudden. "If you're thinking about how other people would interfere with our play time, grow up! It's not like we're going to spend all our time forever having a non-stop sex-fest. As much as I enjoy jumping your bones, there's more to single life than sex. It's freedom. It's friends. It's being your own person." She paused, touching my arm with a softer expression now. "I know you're used to always being part of a pair, but you know I don't want to be stuck to someone all the time. That's why I'm not into serious relationships. And to be honest, this house-hunt we're on is starting to feel like we're pairing up. A bigger house with more people will kill that illusion and let us be singles who happen to be sharing space."

Her rant felt like a kick in the stomach, and I realized she was right. After a couple weeks of close contact, I was getting altogether too cozy with her, and I knew it would be all too easy to fall for her at this point, which would be no good for either of us, if I was to be completely honest with myself. If just the thought of sharing "our house" with other people was bugging me, maybe

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Notes Darren and Melissa hatch a plan to seize "The Single Life". But where will it lead? Meet Imogen.
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