Soaking panties at work

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I’m sitting at my desk in my office, panties are soaking fucking wet. I’ve been sexting my man all day talking about his big fat throbbing hot cook in my tight little wet pussy. Anticipation is growing. I sit here open my phone, go to my videos and pull up a sex tape of him fucking my tight little ass. His red throbbing cock going in and out of my tight wet ass. In, out,in our. Oh god I can see his soft head poking in my ass he pulls it out to tease me. Starts to lick around my little asshole he licks up my juices .. I start to leak and oh god I can’t hold it I want him to shove his com in my little ass. Oh baby fuck my tight little ass baby fuck it!! He sticks one finger in my ass teasing me. I’m quivering and trying to hold my cum. Oh god it feels so good but I want your huge throbbing cock in my ass. He puts the soft tip of his cock against my pussy lips. They are throbbing and soaking wet. He teases me by rubbing his penis up and down from my clit to my asshole.. slower he starts to put the tip of his penis in my pussy then he pulls it out real fast. I ache in agony because I want to come so badly. He takes his fingers and puts them in my asshole. He shoves his cock in my throbbing wet pussy and starts to fuck me as hard as he can, while he fingers my ass hole. Oh god it feels so fucking good I want to scream. I want to squirt all over his cock but no I want him to come in my ass!! He slowly pulls out his fingers and licks them. He pulls out his cock and tells me to turn around. I shove his cock deep down my throat and taste my juices all over him. Mm I taste so fucking good so warm and yummy. His cock is so rock hard against my throat I want to suck it good but I remember my tight little ass is throbbing for him. I pull his cock out of my mouth and I tell him i want him in my ass. He smiles and turns me on my back. Looking at each other we start kissing passionately. Sucking each other’s tongues all hot and wet. His penis is rubbing against my clit it feels so good. I start squirting all over his stomach and he smiles. He starts to tease me again and puts the tip of his rock hard throbbing cock on the outside of my asshole.. pressing his tip in very gently, I moan and moan and louder I moan. I say to him “ I want you in my ass please!!” He starts to masturbate onto the tip of my asshole I start to cum. He finally pushes his hot cock into my tight little ass. My ass is so fucking wet. He says I feel so tight and warm. He says he loves my tight little asshole. His cock is in my ass and he fingers my wet pussy. We start to make out again while he’s pushing his cock further and further in my little ass. We suck each other’s tongues and make out hard while he fucks me. I start to move my hips in motion with him so we’re in sync. I moan and moan louder. I say yeah daddy fuck my tight little ass I know you fucking love it! He says yes your my dirty little girl I love fucking your asshole. He starts moaning and tells me I’m his forever. I say I want him to come in my ass . He shoves my hips down deeper into the bed oh he is finally so fucking deep in my ass. I start to play with my self I slip two fingers inside my wet pussy. In and out of my pussy he is watching me and smiling .. I start to cum and moan loud as ever he moans in my ear and I start squirting all over him and down to my asshole. He fucks me harder I feel his cock throbbing and pulsating inside me. I know he’s about to come so I start squirting again, because the thought of home cumming inside me is the best feeling in the fucking world. He pounds my tight little wet fucking ass harder.. and harder and we’re both moaning and grunting harder and harder.. until finally I feel the warmth sensation of his cum traveling up my ass hole. Oh it feels so fucking good. He stops kisses me.. starts to pull out his cock and I take a finger and lick the cum off my ass. I tell him I was his good girl. And we lay cuddling next to each other and kissing passionately. Then I lay on his stomach both of us naked, juices everywhere. No care in the world just us two forever. We say I love you and fall asleep through the night.

Written by cmcookie12345
Uploaded December 27, 2020
Notes This is a fantasy story I wrote enjoy. If you have any requests on what you want me to write I will do it!!
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