Caught my Girlfriend Reading Erotica

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One night during the last March madness, my girlfriend was busy at some work event, so I wandered to the sports bar across the street to watch some games. She texted me when she got home, but I told her I was gonna come home after that game ended, as the game was almost over.

I left the bar a few minutes later, crossed the street, and walked into the apartment. There was some music on and I assumed she was reading in bed with some music playing. I walked into the bedroom, and she sat up, face flushed, and tucked her phone away.

“I thought you were watching a game.”
“Yea, there was only a couple minutes left when you texted.” I smirked at her. Even though her lower body was covered, she was topless, and her nipples prominently poked out. “What were you looking at on your phone?”

She blushed and showed her phone. She was reading online erotica. I knew erotic literature existed, but I had never read any and didn't realize so much was posted online. I could see she had been enjoying the story, so I settled in next to her and read alongside her, while she settled back into playing with herself. The words with her pleasure excited me and my dick hardened quickly.

I pulled my clothes off and when my cock spring free, her eyes left the phone and lit up, while her play grew more vigorous. I began to stroke my shaft, looking between the phone and her.

Eventually, our eyes met and our mouths flew together, kissing furiously and passionately. As our bodies pushed together, our hands switched; I slowly circled her clit with my fingers, while she slowly stroked my dick. I pulsed in her hands while her hips danced against mine in pleasure. My free hand lightly pinched her nipple, while her free hand cupped my balls. I moaned into her mouth in joy while her increasing moans punctuated mine.

I rolled on top of her and whispered, “Ready?” She nodded vigorously, and I excitedly slid into her deep. “Fuck!” We sighed together. I reveled in her soft, wetness sheath while she delighted in my stiff sword filling her up. I kept long, deep strokes while picking up pace and force slowly. She grinded her hips against my devilishly.

We kept kissing passionately, breaking only for breaths and moans until my kisses moved to small bites on her neck. Her moans intensified immediately. Her arms around my neck pulled me closer to her and her pussy clenched hard on me as she burst into ecstasy.

While cumming, her hips rocked harder. The pleasure grew intense as her wet slit pulled me closer and closer to the edge. I couldn’t hold on any longer and came inside her, my orgasm following immediately after hers. In each other’s arms, we collapsed together, breathing hard. “We should read more of these stories together.” We laughed together.

Written by wingsa345
Uploaded December 18, 2020
Notes True story of catching my girlfriend enjoying a sexy moment alone and me discovering online erotica
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