I Got Absolutely Railed In a Club Bathroom

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I’m not one for drinking too often and my friends have to drag me out sometimes. One night, however, I finally ran out of excuses not to go to the club with them. I usually don't wear too much makeup as I didn't really grow up doing it, but I managed to put on some dark eyeliner that made my eyes really pop. I’m about 90% Japanese, so even without makeup (although I do take birth control to help with keeping me acne free), I can pull off a pretty good look because I have really nice skin and bright green eyes. For context, I’m pretty short, 5ft on the dot to be specific, and have jet black shoulder-length hair. I put on a tight black dress that my friend gave to me for my birthday as well as a lace choker I always like to have on me and we left for the night. Just for clarification, just because I don't like going out often doesn't mean I don't like having a good time. When I go I go, it’s just usually the next morning when I’m hungover that I swear to never go again. I didn't really have any expectations, but as the night went on, I and my friends met a couple of guys and were having casual conversations with them as the night went on and we had more and more drinks.

One of the guys though I just couldn't help but keep my attention on. He was tall, probably around 5,10’ or 5,11’, with short dark brown hair and these deep, extremely bright blue eyes that just radiated comfort and warmth. As the night went on and we all had a couple more drinks, we all had gotten to know each other a little better. I found out his name was Matthew, Matt for short and he was just so goddamn funny. He just kept teasing me about stuff as we talked and cracking well-timed jokes and I couldn't help but just laugh at everything that came out of his mouth. After about an hour or so, the last thing I saw was my friends exchanging smiles before them and the other guys disappeared into the crowd.

“Hey, I think I’m going to another club down the street to get another drink. You want to come with me?” I remember him saying to me.

He leaned in when he said it and I could smell the cologne he had on. It was like pine and oakwood and in that moment it was intoxicating. I of course said yes as I was having the most fun I had in a while, and we set off to the other club. When we got there we kept talking and he admitted that he doesn't really go out that much but getting to meet me was making it pretty worth it. My panties were practically soaking for this guy at this point, but it just kept getting better. Then he said something that practically made me gush.

“You have to use the bathroom? I kinda have to go use the bathroom”.

He said it as he glanced over at the single restroom in the bar area. I couldn't even say anything. I just eagerly nodded my head yes as somewhat of a squeak came out of my mouth. He chuckled at my response and grabbed my hand as he slowly led me to the bathroom. Time felt like it slowed down as I was led through the dimly lit club and into the bathroom. When we got in there He immediately grabbed my face and we started making out. It wasn't long before I got his shirt off and realized he was built. He had abs and I could see his underwear tightly gripping his hip bones around his waist. I literally yelped. He turned me around and bent me over the sink as he knelt down, pulling up my short dress over my ass and I felt his tongue start to lick me. I let out a loud moan of surprise and couldn't help but put both hands on my ass, almost losing my balance on the sink and falling over. He just sat there eating me out, while I was just bent over in the restroom like a little whore moaning uncontrollably. I felt his fingers playing around with my clit as he ate my pussy and I’ve never come so fast in my life. He grabbed my ass as I turned around, locking lips with him, and then immediately dropped to my knees to pay him back. After pulling down his underwear his dick literally flipped out almost smacking me in the face.

I instantly took it in my hand and started playing with his tip. My body was practically vibrating with excitement and I've never wanted to show my appreciation to someone so badly. I’d never done anything like this before and had never been so goddamn horny. I tried taking the whole thing in my mouth but It was too big and I could feel it sliding down my throat as I choked. All of a sudden I heard him moaning for the first time that night, and I got so turned on that I just kept going. As I pulled my head away I could literally see the strands of my spit trail from his dick onto my mouth. I wiped it away with one finger and into my mouth as I stared into his eyes. He picked me up onto my feet, bending me over the sink again as I grasped the sides of it tightly. I could feel the firm pressure of his tip against my pussy right as he pushed it all the way into me. I cursed under my breath as I realized how big he felt inside me. I was tight, but soaking wet so he slid in so deep it almost felt like I was being impaled. He started moving back and forth slowly at first, increasing his speed. He pinned my arms to the sink and all I could do was sit there as my pussy got absolutely railed. I must have been moaning really loud because one of his hands left my wrist to cup over my mouth. He started kissing my neck and my other hand instinctively went down and I started rubbing my clit.

It only took about 10 more seconds of stifled moaning before I knew I was about to cum again. I knew he was close to because he started picking up his speed. I grabbed his hand off my mouth and told him I wanted him to cum in me. I take birth control to help keep my skin super clear and oh my god I was about to take advantage of it. Suddenly I came so hard that my legs felt like they were going to give out and I heard him moan as he completed himself inside me. We ended up sitting down on a pile of our clothes on the floor, out of breath and smiling like dumbasses. I kissed him again and we got

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Notes As soon as we got there, he turned me around and bent me over the sink as he knelt down, pulling up my short dress over my ass and I felt his wet tongue.....
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