Jaime - My Mom’s Lover

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My mother got remarried...to a woman.  At first it was odd, because their roles in the relationship were so clear.  My mother was the "bottom", and Jamie was the "top".  They're great to each other, and I have grown to love Jamie unconditionally. 

I've had the awkward privilege of listening to Jamie and my mother have sex.  My room is right above theirs, and trust me...I can hear that action loud and clear. 

When they were first married, I didn't like Jamie, but now I totally get her, totally love her, and I am completely attracted to her in every way and have the biggest sexual crush on her.  She's my mom's partner, so hooking up seemed next to impossible. 

My mom's a flight attendant, and every other week she would be gone for three days on a flight to New Zealand.  Jamie and I were having breakfast one morning while my mom was away, and I finally worked up the nerve to tell her my feelings. 

"Hey," I said to Jamie.  "I need to tell you something, but I need your word that no matter what, you will not tell mom." 

"Well kiddo," she replied, "I can only promise that if what you're about to tell me is not something that could put you in danger or whatever."

"It's nothing like that," I told her nervously. 

"Then no matter what, I will not tell your mom," she promised.
  "Jamie," I said reaching across the table and taking her hand in mine, "for the last three years I've heard you making love to my mom, and,well, I kinda feel left out.  I absolutely love and adore you, and I'm so attracted to you...sexually....”

"Whoa," Jamie responded.  "Now I understand why you've sworn me to secrecy.  Confession:  I've developed a bit of a crush on you.”

My heart lit up.  "Well," she said.  "Let's see how things go, and if it gets to the point where we feel it would be better to have this out in the open, then we'll discuss how to approach you mom.  But for now, how 'bout we go somewhere special for the next couple days while your mom's gone to consummate our love." 

I smiled, blushed, and bit my lip and said, "I'd love that so much. You're the coolest." 

We packed some things, and hopped in Jamie's Porshe.  We hit the mall, and Jamie bought us each a fancy outfit and pair of heels for our night on the town.  Then she took me to Frederick's and picked out a few sexy outfits that she thought would look hot on me.  We drove for another hour or so into the cutest little beach town in Baja, Mexico.   I couldn't keep my eyes off of Jaime's firm, curvy body and my mind was focused on what she was planning to do to mine. 

We checked into a super expensive hotel.  It was so fancy, and our suite was huge.  Each of us had our own bedroom and bathroom, and there was a living room with a fireplace in the middle.  It was late in the afternoon but way too early for dinner.  Jamie told me she was going to take a shower and slip into something sexy for me, and that I should do the same and meet her on the terrace in about forty-five minutes for a glass of wine. 

I cleaned up and did my make-up super sexy.  I had my cunt and asshole waxed the day before in hopes that Jamie would fuck me when I declared my crush on her. I looked really fuckin' hot.  I put on my new pair of white fence-net stockings, matching white lace garter belt and a super tight white lace top that clung perfectly to my sexy flat chest and stopped about an inch above my belly-button showing off my tan, flat stomach.  My sexy, top did little to hide my big pink nipples that pressed against it so tightly beneath.  I chose not to wear a g-string or panties because I wanted my hot, firm ass and gorgeous, bald cunt to be the center of attention and easily accessible.  I let my long brown hair down for a more mature look and slipped on a pair of six inch silver stilettos and made my way toward the terrace. 

Jamie was already there next to the railing watching the sun go down.  She was wearing black, thigh-high latex boots and a short-sleaved, skin tight black latex top that showed off the exact shape of her enormous tits.

I came up behind her and put my arms around her waist and kissed her back.  "That feels nice Sammi," she said with a loving sincerity.  "Before I turn around to face you, I need to make sure that you and I are on the same page.  If we get together just this once or a thousand times, I will always be the one in charge, and you will always be submissive."

"Not a problem," I whispered enthusiastically while kissing her back.  "Not a problem, lover." 

"And...oh gosh, I'm so nervous right now," she said still staring ahead.  "Sammie.  There's something different about me that is a deal-breaker for some people, and when I show you, it will surely change the way you feel about me." 

"Relax, gorgeous," I said slowly moving my hands downward from her waist.  "If you're talking about this," I said cooly, gently taking hold of her enormous cock in my right hand as I began caressing her tight, smooth balls with my left, "you needn't be nervous or shy.  This sexy piece of meat is more than likely the reason I'm so Cookoo For CocoPuffs for you."  I could feel both of our hearts racing. 

Jamie just breathed nervously as I continued pulling up and down on her pretty dick.  "And Jamie....for the record, I've been fantasizing about women with dicks since day one.  I've always felt a woman with a cock would be the ideal mate for me.  I've been waiting for this day since before I knew you, and I have never been more turned-on than I am right now.  Turn around beautiful.  Let me finally see a woman with a perfect body." 

"Oh.  I'm so relieved," she sighed turning around to face me.  "Mmmm, Sammi.  You look so fine all dressed up for me." 

"I love it," I replied, putting my hand back on her sexy dick as though I'd done this a thousand times.   "You look pretty fine yourself,"  I told her as I started to jack her dick steady and fast. 

She was fifty years old, 5'9", with a

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