Anal Sex Tips For The Female Booty!

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So I’ve really started loving anal sex lately, and here is some anal sex advice for any ladies out there that want to get their booty-hole drilled!

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Jenny’s 1st Sex in the Booty-hole tip: Start Small – Nothing Too Huge in The Booty to Start!

To prepare a booty for anal sex play, start with fingers, tongue, or a very small butt plug.

Don’t let a dude ram his wiener in your booty right away or it will hurt!

Jenny’s 2nd Sex in the Booty-hole tip: Try it without a man the first few times!

Ladies, use your fingers and start inserting them in your booty to see how you like it best! Have your partner watch you finger bang your own ass and they’ll get extremely horny! Trust me and try it.

Jenny’s 3rd Sex in the Booty-hole tip: Use the Shower the First Time Around!

Vaginal sex can sometimes be messy, and anal sex can be really messy! Shower sex isn’t that great for vaginal pounding, but for the booty it might be safe because some ladies might poop on their man’s shaft while learning how to take a rod up their booty-hole.

I almost pooped on a guy during anal sex, so I know that it could happen, and no reason to ruin nice linens!

Jenny’s 4th Sex in the Booty-hole tip: Relax those booty muscles ladies!

There are a bunch of little booty muscles around your anus that can be pretty tight if you’re not relaxed. And as logic follows, if those muscles and your anal sphincter are tight, inserting anything can be painful and difficult rather than pleasurable and easy. Try something like deep breathing or a relaxing massage with your partner to make sure both you and your bum muscles are sufficiently chilled out, pre-anal play.

Jenny’s 5th Sex in the Booty-hole tip: You might think you’re going to poop! And you really might!

Make sure your partner knows that his weiner might go in looking like his wiener, but it could come out looking like a brownie sundae. Just let him know that a “poop sundae” is a possibility!

Jenny’s 6th Sex in the Booty-hole tip: Use water based lube!

And A LOT OF IT!!!! You can NEVER USE too much LUBE!

Jenny’s 7th Sex in the Booty-hole tip: No Rapid Fire Pounding To Start!

Tell your guy to go really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, slow.

If he goes too fast it could really, really, really, hurt!

Jenny’s 8th Sex in the Booty-hole tip: Communicate to your partner about what’s going on at all times!

If it hurts tell him. If you’re gonna poop on him, tell him that as well.

Jenny’s 9th Sex in the Booty-hole tip: Play with your clit while taking a wiener in the booty-hole!

Trust me it helps. I got the idea while watching a porn clip, and it really helps, and it feels wonderful.

Jenny’s 10th Sex in the Booty-hole tip: Don’t insert wiener or fingers into the vagina after!

Make sure your man knows that he can’t place his wiener back into your vag after it was in your butt.

You might want to remind him about not using the same fingers in your butt and vagina as well.

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