The Singles, Chapter 2

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***Please note: this chapter is a continuation of The Singles, Chapter 1, and is not intended to stand on its on. Reading the preceding chapter first is strongly recommended.***


I opened my eyes and stretched, realizing suddenly that I'd nodded off. I always find it disorienting when I fall asleep during the day; it takes a bit for me to reset my brain to what day it is, morning/afternoon/evening etc. After a few seconds to clear my head, I decided from the greyish light coming through the window that it was early evening, which meant I hadn't slept long, maybe an hour at most depending on how long Darren and I had spent fucking. I was still lying on my side in the middle of the bed where I'd collapsed earlier, Darren's arms still wrapped around my waist, his cock, soft and shrivelled now, was no longer inside me, which was a bit of a disappointment. I wriggled carefully out of his embrace, trying not to disturb him. After all, he'd earned his rest with his performance earlier. I couldn't suppress a smile at that thought. No one had made me see stars like that in years, and in fact my face still felt a bit flushed. I certainly hadn't expected the day to turn out this way when he picked me up that morning!

Not that there had never been sparks between us. He'd first caught my eye when I was about 14. He hung around a lot with my brother Sean, which meant that I saw him quite often when he visited. They'd usually spent their time either sitting at the table with a board game or in front of the TV playing video games, and I'd spent a lot of time watching Darren. The couple times they'd included me in their board games had left me too distracted to concentrate on the game properly, so they stopped asking, but they had also resulted in hormone-filled self-exploration those nights. I had never told Darren that my first orgasms as a teenager were to thoughts of him; not exactly something that came up in general conversation! In spite of a teenage girl's steamy fantasies, I can't truthfully say I had any romantic feelings toward him. He was my big brother's friend, then he was with Tanis, and my feelings moved on elsewhere. Still, Darren was a good-looking guy; tall, slim, athletic, and those eyes! It had been very easy to fall into his arms when the opportunity arose. The question remained, what now? He was clearly a little off-balance from our encounter, and I didn't want to leave him believing things stood any differently between us than they ever had. Well, that talk could wait until he woke up, at least.

I managed to slide out of his grip without waking him up, retrieving my robe from where it had been tossed some time during our activities earlier. I couldn't recall exactly how or when Darren had ripped it off me, but I guess I had been a little distracted at the time. I headed for the shower for a quick rinse, and when I returned, toweling my hair with my robe hanging loosely over my shoulders, Darren was just stirring. "Hey, you sexy beast," I said as he sat up. "It's 7:30. Evening," I told him as he looked around a little muzzily. "We were out about an hour, best I can tell. You hungry?"

"Definitely," he answered immediately. "Didn't have much for lunch, plus we worked up quite an appetite too, didn't we?"

I had to laugh at that. "Yeah, that was...quite a workout. The problem with being a dedicated single is it can be a fair bit of work to get laid sometimes. And getting a session like that is pretty rare. Anyway, you can hop into the shower for a quick rinse if you want, I'll order a pizza."

By the time Darren came back, I had placed the order, and dried and brushed my hair. I decided to stay with the theme of the day by leaving the robe in the bedroom and prepping for supper nude. Darren gave me another appreciative look as he wandered into the living room dressed to match me. He had confessed in the past that Tanis had rarely (closer to never) been casually naked around the house, and he was clearly enjoying the display today. I joined him on the couch, lying back with my feet in his lap, and we chatted a bit about the significance of the day's events. I was pleased to know that he wasn't reading anything into it, that he had just gone with the moment, same as I had.

"Thanks for clearing that up," he told me. "I know that you always talk about not looking for anything in terms of a relationship, but I'm used to people attaching something to it once they sleep together. Would be so nice to be able to have access to sex regularly, and just have fun with it."

"Deal," I told him, tossing him a wink when he looked at me with surprise. "I could do with more of the same, and I know I wouldn't have to worry about complications with you. I'd be happy to take advantage of that sexy body of yours without getting tied down. You know how it is with my career. I just don't have the time or energy to settle down and have a family."

He looked at me thoughtfully for a while. "I guess I could handle doing this again from time to time," he said, continuing to massage my feet. Just then, the door buzzer sounded, announcing the pizza guy. I buzzed him through, then retrieved the money from my purse. I was just putting my wallet back when he knocked at the door. "One minute," I called, looking desperately around for a cover-up. Realizing the closest clothing was my robe in the bedroom, I gave Darren a mischievous look. "Fuck it," I told him. "Watch this!" I opened the door as I was, and the look on the young driver's face was totally worth it, especially when I opened the door wider to bring in the pizza and he caught a glimpse of Darren on the couch, as naked as I was. I sent him on his way with a laugh and a nice tip. "Made his day, didn't I?" I quipped.

"Sure did," Darren replied. "Now bring that over here. And your sexy bod too."

I did as requested, noticing as I set the pizza d

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