She watched me. Best UBER ride ever!

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Last night I left a party with three friends in an Uber. We were all in town for a friend’s 40th birthday party and were staying at two different hotels. After they got out I mentioned to the female driver that I was drunk and hungry and asked if she wanted to go to iHop with me? She said sure and so we did! I was very surprised but she laughed with all of us while in the car despite our drunkenness and seemed very cool.

She wasn’t exactly hot but was very cool and we talked a lot about random stuff. She told me she was divorced with a son who was 19. I too have kids but I’m divorced as well. Small talk, yada, yada, yada...

Eventually I steered the convo to my past and questionable behavior when I’m drunk. I told her that I was kind of a freak and even mentioned that I’m an exhibtionist. She laughed and called me out, asking me to tell her more. I reiterated that when I’m drunk I get horny and like to do my thing with a woman watching. She wasn’t bashful at all about this so I told her a few things I’ve done in the past. I got so turned on just telling her about them (you can read a few that I’ve shared here on Fet.)

After we ate we walked outside and she said she wanted to smoke a cigarette before we left and I said that was cool. We talked a bit about regular stuff. Once we got in the car with about 10 minutes to go until the hotel I told her how I kind of wanted her to watch me get off. She laughed and said she didn’t know about that... I asked her if she’d come to my room and watch me but she said, “...oh no! I’m not doing that.”

But then she actually said she would park in the lot and said, “I’ll watch you here in the car.” Being a 40-something black women who has “been around” she said she wasn’t scared of me and said you seem like a cool guy, just a little freaky. I said I’d pay her and she said I’d already paid for breakfast and I could give her a nice tip.

So once we parked at the hotel and she ended the ride I decided this was the time to slide my jeans down and get to it. She egged me on and said I had a nice dick which I appreciated:-) We both kept an eye out for people but it was quiet at 2am. I started to get really into it and my breathing got heavier as she kept telling me it was hot and she wanted to see me cum. I didn’t ask her to help because I liked her watching (that really does it for me) and I didn’t think she would anyway, hahahaha...

I came on my stomach and she said that it was cool to watch me and I really was a little freak! She then asked me if I remembered her name? I did and she said I should keep her number and if I come back to town I should let her know.


Written by cme404
Uploaded December 11, 2020
Notes She agreed to watch me masturbate after I got to know her a little. So fun and what a turn on!
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