Another man's woman

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A man contacted me on social media, he said we had a mutual friend. He asked me if he could ask me a question, and I said of course. He asked if I would be comfortable fucking his wife as he was forced to watch, I said I wouldn't have a problem with that. So we exchanged information and pictures. We agreed on a time and he sent me his address.

The night of the event as I'm getting ready to head out I receive a message from them. It is his woman, she says during the event please degrade him as you have your way with me. I replied I definitely can accommodate you there.

I arrive at their place and ring the doorbell. This stunning woman answers the door, her pictures definitely didn't do her justice. She welcomes me and says he's waiting in our bedroom. She starts to lead me to the room, as we get to the door she stops. She turns to me and says, I'm yours for as long as you want tonight and do as you wish. I also wanted to ask her a question as well, so I asked if she had ever done this before. She said no, I said I could tell you look nervous. She said she was but need this. I said ok then open the door and let's enjoy each other.

She opens the door and she had him tied to a chair next to the bed. I took her to the side of the bed next to him and started to kiss her. As our kissing got more intense I moved my hands to her breasts, rubbing them through the fabric of her top.I then shifted to remove it, moving behind her so he could watch as I did so. I then unbuttoned her jeans as well and pushed them to the floor. As I still stood behind her I started kissing her neck and rubbed her breasts. Then I slid my hand down to her panties and pushed underneath them reaching for her womanhood. As my hand reached it I could feel the warm wetness from her excitement.

I finally start to remove her bra and panties. I spoke up and said, to him do you like watching a man touch your woman you pussy, to him. I am going to show her how a man should treat a woman and you need to stay quiet and just watch, I said to him as well. I now moved her onto the bed and I told her to lay on her back. I climbed onto the bed and positioned myself between her legs. I then lowered my head between her legs. I started to lick and rub ber pussy and clit. She was moaning intense pleasure. I then added a finger, fucking her with it as I lapped up on her. Within 5 minutes she was bucking and shaking. She finally let go and came in my face as I continue to work her.

She spoke up and asked if she could suck my cock now. So I got up from between her legs and laid on the bed as close to her man as I could. She came over and started going down on my cock with her mouth. As she did I looked at him and asked, so do you fucking like to see her take a real man in her mouth? He just sat the lookin in awe. She continued to suck me off for some time.

I the asked her to get on all fours facing him. As she did I said position yourself so you can look into his eyes. I got behind her and said look into his eyes as I enter you. I placed the tip of my cock in between her wet lips. I started rubbing it up and down between her folds, she was soaking wet. I then started to push it into her, slow and gentle, as she looked directly at him. As I picked up the pace she started moaning and yelling oh God. Within a few minutes she buried her head into the bed. I could feel her starting to buck and shake again. I yelled out at him, look at her as a man makes her cum again. She heard that and exploded again, pushing my cock out of her and falling to the bed convulsing in her orgasm.

When she was done, I told her to turn over onto her back. I then inserted my cock back into her, and we started kissing as I started to thrust into her again. I stopped kissing her for a second and asked where would you like for me to cum. She whispered to me in her. I said say it loudly so he can hear you. I started thrusting faster, and she screamed out oh God, I want you to cum in me, please. I kept trusting faster and faster, she started screaming and moaning louder and louder. She was getting ready to cum again. I could feel myself getting close as well. I could feel her juices splashing all over and running down my balls. All of a sudden she starts cumming again, I keep thrusting this time. Then one last thrust and I go balls deep unleashing my cum deep inside her. We fall to the bed exhausted.

I get up and ask him, did you enjoy seeing a man fucking her? She asked if I could untie him. I did and she tells him to get onto the bed and lay down. He does, and she stands up and straddles his face. She lowers her pussy onto his face. She then says be a good boy and clean up his mess. She's grinding and he laps it all up.

She said if I wanted to I could shower if I wanted. I did because I was a mess. A few minutes later she joined me and we fucked again in the shower, she had him sit on the toilet so he could hear as we fucked again.

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Uploaded November 29, 2020
Notes Cuckolding another man's wife, creampied her and humiliated him.
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