Exploring my Sub

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My sub and I have accumulated a lot of toys and devices over the last 2 years. I've used them all on her on a regular basis. I was getting tired of the old same old stuff. One day before going to visit her I was at the grocery store and an idea came to me while shopping. I ended up picking up a few things to make things interesting.
So I get to her place, I lead her straight to the bedroom. I pull out her blindfold and restraints. She was already naked while waiting for me, so I command her to get onto the bed and lay down. I proceed to securing her arms and legs to the bed posts. I the tell her I brought things for her and to be a good girl and tell me what they are. I first take out a carrot and strat to push it into her moist opening, working it in and out of her building the pace. She is heavily moaning as I fuck her with it. I tell her to tell me what I am fucking her with and she cannot come up with the right answer. She begs me to fuck her with my cock and I tell her I'm not done and you have to get these next ones right.
I then proceed to pull another item from my bag, it is a banana, bigger than the carrot. I start fucking her pussy with it, she's enjoying it more than the carrot. I say tell me my dirty little whore what's fucking you now and she screams as I'm in mid thrust, I stop thrusting it, what is it bitch I say. Sir is it a banana she questions. That's correct my good girl.
She begs me again for my cock, I tell her one more and if you can guess it I'll reward you with a good fucking from you cock. Yes Sir she says, as I pull out the last item. It's a good sized cucumber thick and long. He pussy is already well lubricated but I still squeeze lube onto it, because it's much bigger than the others. I work it in past her lips and her pussy is resisting it's thickness. It takes time but I get it in and deep as I fist work it slowly building up speed as I go. Not long goes by she starts shaking and cumming onto the vegetable, her creamy cum pushing down the shaft of the cucumber. What a beautiful sight it is to see.
She screams please Sir fuck me. I then position myself between her legs with the cucumber still inside. I tell her that's she's not full enough. I push my cock along side oth the cucumber to her pussy. I keep pushing until myself is inside her as well and it takes a lot of time and effort to get myself inside her. I start thrusting myself and the cucumber inside her, she's screaming and cums several more time, convulsing as she does. I then explode my seed into her depths.
As a final jester I ask her what was fucking you with me. She guessed a zucchini and I said no, now open your mouth wide and keep it open. I pulled myself and the cucumber from her and push the cucumber into her mouth, it was covered in her and my cum I fucked her mouth for a minute then told her to bit into it to taste her toy that just used her and tell me what it is. She did and immediately answered and was correct. I the looked down at her gaping pussy and went back in for round two of fucking her, this time it was just myself in there.

Written by fredbearz
Uploaded November 27, 2020
Notes Playing with my sub, trying different things.
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