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It was 1968, and Cheryl and I had been best friends since third grade. We had done everything together it seems. Sleepovers, experimenting with make-up, we even had our first periods a month apart. The only thing she got first was boobs. Of course, now that we were both 18, she was a buxom brunette and I was still a willowy blonde.

But that did not get in the way of our being friends. We even double-dated once we turned 16. Depending on who the boyfriend was at the time and which one of them had a car. And the dates at church and school dances soon turned to necking on the bluffs outside of Twin Falls with boyfriends together.

After that things did diverge a bit. I knew Cheryl had gotten felt up first, and could understand why. Even at 16 my friend had a nice C cup rack. My little A cups had not even grown into the B they were now. And when we turned 16, our parents let us date boys. So we did a lot of double dates, and they required that we never be alone with a boy. More than a few times we would see each other getting involved with a boy in the other seat of a car, but never very far.

Scott kept pestering me to go out with him on a date alone, and I kept refusing. I said it was not allowed, I could only go on a date in a public location like a school or church dance, or if Cheryl or another girl was there with me. One day he showed up while I was in the shower, and I did not know he was there until I was brushing my hair, and heard voices outside my window in the back yard. I turned down the radio and overheard my dad telling Scott why I could not go with him to the drive-in that night.

“Scott, you have to realize something. You may not realize it, but a lot of first babies here are born prematurely. As in 1-2 months premature. Ashley, she was born over 13 months after her mom and I got married. And my sister did not have a premature baby, and none of my wife's sisters had a premature baby. And I refuse to allow Ashley to be in a situation where she may have a premature baby. That is why she only goes with Cheryl or some other girl with her. I have no doubt that some things happen. But by having her friend there that keeps things from going so far that she and a future husband might have a premature baby a few months after they get married. You get me?”

Scott said he did, and while we did go to the dance that night at the VFW hall, it was our last date. And obviously, he did not listen to my dad, because after me he dated Vera Greenbow. And they got married 4 months later when they were both 16. And I remember grinning when I heard their daughter was a healthy 8 and a half pounds, even though she was over 2 months premature.

And all of my dates in my Sophomore and Junior years were of the “parent-approved” kind. Even though we could drive at 14, curfews were used to keep things at a set level. My mom would even look at the movie we were going to see, and I would have to be home no more than 30 minutes after the show ended. Enough time for a little kissing, but not much more than that. And after most dates, either we spent the night at my house, or at her house on the next block. We would both get out at one house, greet the parents, then walk to the other house for our slumber party.

During our senior year, I turned 18 and was given a bit more freedom to set my own curfew (mostly). Cheryl and I were now letting our dates feel us up a bit, even to where one of us or the other might even have our blouse or dress open so our dates could play with our breasts. I was the first to take things a step farther, when I let Robby slide his hand under my dress and feel me through my panties. This time it was in Robby's car, and Cheryl and her boyfriend Matt were in the back. I saw his mouth around her breasts, and leaned all the way against the door and moaned as I felt his fingers caressing me, and it was nice, but also a bit rough. Like he was a meat inspector at the slaughterhouse looking for flaws before giving it a USDA stamp. But I was able to see Cheryl and Matt in the back in the space between the back of the seat and the door, and I gasped slightly when he took her hand and moved it to his crotch.

She moved it away, as she should, but a minute later he moved it back again. After 3 or 4 times, she left it there and started to rub him through his slacks. Robby kept trying to get his hand into my panties, but I refused. Finally, I was watching as Matt pulled his zipper down and took his bare cock and put it into Cheryl's hand, and it was not very big but she wrapped her hand and fingers around it and I heard her sigh.

Just then I realized Robby was trying to take my panties off, and I reached down and pushed his mouth away from my nipple and said in a voice louder than I intended “Robby McCormick, I am not that kind of girl!” I could hear the two in the back disengage, and Cheryl said it was probably time to take us home.

When we got to her house Cheryl asked me what had happened, and I admitted to what I had allowed, and where I drew the line. “Besides, if he had been more gentle, I might have actually let him.” She nodded, saying she had touched Matt, and it was kind of nice. We giggled and said we had both gotten pretty much to third base that night, but in different ways.

I don't know if she took advantage of the shower like I did when I was done, but I masturbated for sure, images of her hand on Matt's cock as Robby was making my panties more wet than usual. When I finished and she went in to take hers, I closed my eyes and imagined it again.

It was almost a month later before we were again dating 2 guys, and one had a car. I had given Robby the heave-ho right afterward, but because I was now single and Matt did not have a car, it was back to church dances. But it was at one of those I got to know Jack better and we had started dating. And even better, Jack had a car. Or at least access to one, his mom's, a 1961 Valiant station wagon. We went to the

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Notes For most people, 1968 is remembered for the "Summer of Love". But for two girls, it will always be remembered for the "Winter of the Drive-On".
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