POST Covid-19 Connections

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POST Covid-19 Connections

Because of the pandemic the SW and I have taken a hiatus from the the lifestyle. We dont want to get sick and we dont want anyone else to get sick.

This past Saturday Janie the Yoga Instructor needed a normal date so that she could hang out with her sisters who were in town with their spouses. We agreed not to be naughty in front of them…just an average & normal dating couple. On the way to meet Janie’s sister she made it a point to give me road head and show me that she wasn’t wearing any panties or a bra.

Also, this past Saturday the SW and a few of our other swinger friends received an invitation to attend a house party. In order to attend the house party all guests had to get an independent COVID-19 test and submit the results at least 2-days prior to receiving the address of the party and everyone would be tested again prior to coming in the house. We both shrugged our shoulders and said I guess that it is the sign of the times. It was worse than when our swinger group all went and got tested for STD’s that way we could play with no condoms and no fear of catching anything bad.

The SW and our other swinger friends texted back and forth to see who was up for going and what were they going to wear. It looked like the female half of one of the usual couples (Adam and Ashley) was not going to be in town. So on the swinger group chat it was decided that Adam would be the SW’s 1st and last fuck of the night.

The hosts of the party whom we had met at other lifestyle functions and one of our trips to Hedo had set the theme has virgin white…mean that is was requested that all attendees…especially the females wear all white. The day of the party arrived and the SW was wearing a white 1-piece short dress, brown cowboy boots and no bra or panties. She also put on a choker collar that matched her boots. She purposely put extra hair ties around her wrist and packed a few baby wipes so that she could clean up a little bit in between fucks.
Adam showed up right on time and was impressed by the SW’s attire. He was tongue tied. The SW not one to be shy went in for a deep kiss. As they were making out Adam’s hands ran up the SW’s cute bare ass and up her back. At one point the SW’s dress was up above her boobs. Adam layed the SW down and proceeded to kiss her all over and then started to eat her out. Since the SW was already horny she came pretty quick…multiple times. Adam stated to unbuckle his pants but the other couples had arrived and it was time to head out. The SW gave Adam another kiss and said to be continued.

Once all of the couples piled into the 18-passenger van that they rented. It was quite obvious that none of the females were wearing anything under their dresses. The drive to their house took 30-minutes. Once everyone arrived they were impressed with the seclusion of the house..lots and lots of trees. Each couple went up to the nurse at the front of the house and had their nose swabbed, The results were instant. Once you proved that you were Covid free you were permitted inside. The house was nice and normal nothing to ostentatious. Once inside there were 6-7 other couples milling about. The total guest count found 40-50 people. The hosts did a great job of making everyone feel welcome. They gave everyone a tour of the facilities (private playrooms, public playrooms, shower) and they also said that if anyone want to have fun outside feel free as the next neighbor is 3-4 miles away.

All couples felt pretty comfortable with the surroundings. Everyone was milling around the house chit chatting and enjoying their speciality drinks made by the hosts.

The SW and Adam found a little corner and started to make out. He made it a point to make sure to lift the SW’s dress all the way up. He then took her by her hand and layed her on the couch in the basement near the bar. There were 7 or 8 couples already in various stages of hooking up. Once the SW was almost naked and on her back Adam proceeded to eat the SW out again. Just like earlier she came pretty quick and was not quiet about it. Doing Adam and the SW’s making out session the SW opened her eyes and saw a dick..a very nice dick. She started stroking it gently and then sucking it. She looked down and saw that Adam was not eating her out as intensely as he had before…it was because he was getting ravaged by one of the cute females that was their earlier. Adam when he couldn’t take it any more took the cute female one to the next couch and started to eat her out which left the SW and this unknown gentlemen with his dick in her mouth. He gently took his dick out of the SW’s mouth and led her down the hallway to the public playroom. This unknown gentlemen didnt make an effort to pull up his pants and the SW didnt make an effort to pull her dress down. Once they found a spot on the floor they layed down and started to roll around. He pulled the SW’s dress off over her head. At this point she was only wearing her cowboy boots and choker. The SW rolled on top of this unknown gentlemen she started grinding her wet pussy on top of his hard dick. He whispered in his ear that he had been tested and that he was fixed. By the time he said fixed the SW had slid his dick inside of her. She was so horny that she came right away and wasn’t shy about it. As she came over the unknown gentlemen dick he did his best to hold back but couldn’t and exploded inside of her. They both laid there for a second and got up. He got dressed and they tried to find the SW’s dress with no luck. They kissed and headed back to the party. Just then she felt a manly hand on her ass and it was Adam’s. Adam whispered in the SW’s ear “Lets have a quickie” the SW gave him a kiss and started to pull Adam down the hall back to the playroom. By this time it was packed with no where to go so she led him back to the bar spread her legs and they fucked right in front of everyone. While they were fucking in different positions they att

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