Untold Stories Of Natalya 7 (A Natalya Story)

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Laughing, Natalya surveyed the other bridesmaids and realized they were totally taken in by the stripper routine on stage. She tried to cover up, put on her good girl face, and pretend she was just another airhead to fit in. It wasn't working. The fireman and the police officer, stripped down to their boxers, took her hands and started tugging her up to join them. Protesting politely, Natalya stage whispered, "I'm not the bride," and made an effort to point to Max's demure blushing friend. They laughed in response, muttering something like "We want the fun one," and Natalya had to go along with the performers until she was seated center stage with four muscular men flanking her.

Taking things in stride, Natalya fought down her natural irritation from being led places like chattel and decided to have fun. She was only in town for the week, an invitation from Max to come out, so Natalya needed to make the most of it. "I think these boys have been very naughty," she declared and the partially undressed police officer gave her a nervous look. "Maybe I should put them over my lap and give them a spanking for wrongful detention and imprisonment against my will." She sugarcoated the words to evoke cheers from the audience, but the dancers got a measure of Natalya's iron will beneath the surface.

Professionals who had been coached over and over ago to roll with the punches, the dancers obliged Natalya and offered a sacrifice. The handsome EMT costumed stripper pleaded with Natalya to go easy since it was a first offense and then bent over in front of her. The other dancers were smiling but keeping a close eye on the petite brunette. They expected her to grab their friend's bits or something equally dubious.

Natalya lightly smacked the rock hard buttocks presented to her and then laughed. "Ow! That hurts. He's got buns of steel!" Her exclamation made it clear that she was now part of the show, and Natalya knew that gave her a social advantage. "Now that woman right there - see her pretty smile - you wouldn't know it, but she's been very bad. Why don't we bring her up here and get her spankings out of the way before her white wedding day!"

The crowd of women roared, and the strippers went along with jeering and cheering while bringing the blushing bride to be to the stage. Natalya whispered loud enough for everyone to hear, "Now I think it's best if she's over my lap... you boys might put an eye out." The crowd roared some more, and women in the back were craning their necks to see if the strippers had erections.

Natalya publicly played along, bending Max's friend over her knee and encouraging each of the strippers to swat her bottom. They were playful about it, gyrating around the two women, and finished up after a few minutes before leading both ladies from the stage. If anyone thought it was strange for the bride to be crying and clinging to Natalya then no one said anything. Those who noticed probably thought it was alcohol and happiness and... well, people cry over the strangest things.

The actual reason was more real than imagined though. The bride to be sobbed while Natalya held her, shoo'ing away her heavyset friends so they could sit down together, and then the sobbing woman accepted a shot of something blue and sweet from Max's companion. The strippers left the stage and pelvic thrust their way through the crowd, collecting tips, and then two cowboys charged out from the wings and started daring each other to a showdown.

Her friends were already cheering and shouting, but the bride to be was making pleading eyes at Natalya. She knew her promises. She knew her commitments. Couldn't Natalya change Max's mind though? The tears were only a natural reaction, even though the pretty young woman knew Natalya would think less of her because she was crying. The male strippers had only gently swatted her bottom, but Natalya's control of the situation had made the understanding between them crystal clear. One look into the petite brunette's hard eyes told her that Natalya would be true to her word.

Sniffling and grateful for the napkin that Natalya handed her, she willed herself to be strong. She wasn't crying out of joy, and she wasn't crying out of fear. She was crying because she knew what was expected from her. Marriage or not. Somehow that bonded her to Natalya, and she fantasized that Max had a similar hold over his primary companion.

The words from her bachelorette party replayed over and over again while she walked down the aisle the following weekend, her father beaming with pride and her soon to be husband standing in his kilt and white shirt by the altar. Natalya's whispers seemed to murmur along with the organ's booming notes that resounded through the small chapel. With each step, her white dress flowed over the floor while her pussy trembled and her buttocks clenched. Their shared understanding swelled up inside of her and became a crescendo that made her fumble her vows and blush before starting again and getting them right. In the corner of her eye, she saw Natalya standing next to Max, the two of them slowly nodding as they followed along with the wedding ceremony. Overheating despite her exposed cleavage, Natalya's words made her feel so conflicted and yet so desperately in need of something more.

The ride in the limo from the church to the reception was slow enough for her husband to tease her for blushing while he enjoyed feeling her up. She didn't mind, not one bit, and he was excited and hard when his fingers discovered her molten sex underneath her dress. They only had time for a quick fingering and a handjob, and both rushed through the motions because they didn't know when the limo would stop. Only later would her dad ask if they had deliberately circled the reception hall four times. Her husband gave the driver a very good tip after finding out about his discrete accommodation.

Once everyone was se

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Written by Cherish Desire
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Notes Corrupting a bride on her wedding day is Natalya’s idea of fun. Putting the blame on Max and convincing the bride that he expects even more makes her delighted.

Themes: MF, Cheating & Cuckold, Female Masturbation, Fingering, Dildo Play & Wearing, Vaginal & Anal Penetration
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