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These are excerpts from my stories:

The Free Use Gym was for real, I could actually have my pick of any woman in here. Where to start?
Then I saw what I wanted, a sexy bitch right in front of a mirror doing squats. She had her hands to her chest as if in prayer, going up and down, up and down. She was wearing tight lycra pants that perfectly accentuated the curves of her ass. I had always thought that women doing squats in the gym knew how it provoked men and were just asking to be fucked.
My cock was stiffening in my shorts, and I did not have to just stand and look.
My heart was thumping as I walked right up to her. When she was down, and her ass was stuck right out, I stuck my hand in between her legs from behind.
She stopped her squat, but did not react. She did not scream, she did not tell me to get my hands off, she just allowed my obscene action to take place. I was doing it, I was actually feeling her cunt, my fingers were poking into the sweaty wetness of her pants and onto her labia, into the slit. My cock was now pitching a tent.
“Stay where you are”, I said, “I just want to rub your cunt.” I took my fingers back and forth on that slit. I could not tell if she was getting wet or not because the fabric was already damp with sweat. She was totally non-reactive, but that blank look on her face just made this all the hotter. A stranger was groping her, and she wasn’t saying no.
“You dirty bitch”, I said, “how come you work out in a place where any guy can use you?”
“Women get to use it for free”, she replied.
It all made sense now. This was a great place to work out for women with financial difficulties. All they needed was a willingness to completely degrade themselves. I drew my hand out.
“Take off your pants and panties then get down on all fours.”
She did as told without question, peeling off those lyrca pants and panties, getting on her hands and knees, then sticking her ass in the air. There it was, a beautiful curvy ass with rosy cheeks, and with her legs spread wide apart I could see that pink cunt as well, not a hair on it, just how I liked my pussy. I placed my hands on those cheeks reverentially, shaping the curves, moaning as I felt that soft skin. My cock was leaking precum into my underwear, and my mouth was watering.
I leaned down and dove into her cunt from behind, sticking my tongue right in between her petals and lapping up and down that slick crevice. Oh she tasted good, and I was able to eat this carnal meal with complete impunity. Mmm.

“Hello officer”, she said. “My husband is just out the back, cleaning up the mess. Two Hispanic girls robbed us and made out that way after they emptied the cash register.”
“They emptied the cash register did they? Well how would you feel if I emptied the contents of my balls all over you face?”
“Wh…what did you say officer?”
I whipped out my badge and showed it to her.
“Free use cop mam, that means I have the right to have my way sexually with any woman that I meet on the job. You are actually going to be the first I’ve had since I was promoted to free use, so you should feel privileged.”
“You…my husband…you’re supposed to be here to catch the criminals…”
“I’ll see to that in good time, but in my line of work you have to learn to prioritise. Right now I am ordering you to suck my dick. If you refuse to comply mam, then I will have to put you under arrest.”
The sergeant was right, this was a lot of fun. I walked over to the door and flipped the sign around so that ‘Closed’ was facing outward.
“We will not be interrupted.”
“You’re an asshole.”
“Now that’s no way to talk to a police officer, but you won’t be able to talk when your mouth is stuffed full with my meat.”
I unzipped and pulled my throbbing boner out of my pants, her eyes widening at my impressive size. She then reluctantly crouched down, opened wide, placed her hands on my hips, then took me into her mouth.
Ah yes, the warmth and wetness of a woman’s mouth! My first free use blow job!

“Hello”, I said. “Show me your cunt.”
Her jaw dropped and her eyes went wide.
“Excuse me young man, what did you just say to me?”
“I said show me your cunt Grandma.”
I handed her the piece of paper that had come out of the Christmas cracker. She took hold of it, put on her glasses, then held it at a distance to read it.
“Oh I see”, she said, “this is that free use thing.”
“Yes it’s the free use thing. Now for the third time, I want to see your cunt.”
“Very well young man, by all means have a look.”
She gave a sigh of resignation as I pulled her skirt forward, then hooked my fingers into her panties and pulled them forward as well.
Hmm. A greying pubic triangle, the first time I had seen such a thing, and some good thick pink pussy lips as well. I wondered how many cocks she had taken in between them over the years.
“So how old are you exactly?”
“Sixty five.”
“Sixty five. You do have a decent looking cunt for a sixty five year old. I need to taste it.”
Right in the middle of the street, I hauled down her skirt and panties, the pushed her up against the wall. A guy then tapped me on the shoulder.
“Hey man, I hope you have a free use license to be treating an old lady like that.”
I showed him the paper.
“Got it out of a Christmas cracker.”
“Oh sure that’s cool. Over sixties only huh? Well, I guess that’s better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.”

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Uploaded October 17, 2020
Notes Stories from the free use world, where women are available at all times and all places.
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