A Monster's Life

Chapter 1: New World
  • Chapter 1: New World
  • Chapter 2: New Experiences
  • Chapter 3: Fatal Fight
  • Chapter 4: Winter City
  • Chapter 5: The Wizards
  • Chapter 6: Elzbieta's Secret
  • Chapter 7: Little Fight, Big Fight
  • Chapter 8: Unintended Threesome
  • Chapter 9: Rescue
  • Chapter 10: Reluctant Healing
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Something shiny flashed through the grey fog in Ulric's mind. He was vaguely aware that he moved around, although it seemed he wasn't consciously doing it. He suspected he fell asleep while reading on the couch but it didn't explain the sensation of using his arms and legs. It made even less sense than his usual strange dreams and it worried him.
Willing himself to wake up, the fog lifted slowly while another flash went through it and he jerked backwards. His vision became a little more clear and vague shapes appeared with one moving in front of him while swinging a long shiny object at him. His mind registered danger and he jumped back in a reflex.
'Oy!' he said but heard a snarl.
His vision cleared up more and he recognised the shiny object as a straight sword. And the hooded person in a green cloak wielding it thrust it at him again.
'Hey! Stop that!' he shouted but once more he only heard sharp snarls.
The attacker backed off quickly and he took the opportunity to glance around at the grey stone walled chamber lit by floor standing candelabras dripping enough wax to have created stalactites and stalagmites underneath. A couple of candles lit an occult circle on the stone slab floor with an overturned wooden table on one side, surrounded by vials, books, and twisted copper and coloured glass instruments. The sight of an open doorway made him think of escape and he rushed towards it until a large black and red canine monster rushing at him from that doorway startled him into jumping back and crashing into a couple of small tables with more books, jars, candles, and assorted magical props. He grabbed the large and heavy candlestick that fell on the floor beside him and swung it at the monster.
Except there was no monster.
Panting hard he crawled away from the doorway while aiming the candlestick at it and hit the wall with his back. He glanced left and right for a sign of the monster but all he saw was that cloaked person standing on the other side of the chamber. 'Where'd it go!?' he said, heard a growl and whine this time and looked quickly in all directions to see where it came from. There was still only that one person present, who pulled back the hood of the cloak.
Ulric stared with open mouth at a young woman with short brown hair as wild as if it had never been touched by comb or brush. She frowned at him with confusion in her doe-like hazel eyes as if he was something she'd never seen before. He surely didn't feel like he belonged wherever he was now and understood her expression.
'Where am I?' he said which turned into a half growl, half whine.
Another nagging sensation went up in the back of his mind. His whole body felt weird and his heart stopped when he noticed his hand holding the candle stick. He thrust it away from him as if it was burning hot and stared at the half hand, half paw with long and thick digits and sharp claws in front of his eyes. He turned it around, looked at his other hand which was now half paw as well, then looked down to see the body he had occupied since birth was gone and had been replaced by a black canine body.
A whine escaped him and he reached out to a polished silver tray, and whined more at the reflection of the black fur monstrous canine that scared him moments ago. Only now did he notice the large mirror on the wall at the other side of the doorway. He looked at the woman. 'Why!? What happened to me!?' he whined.

Iphigenia watched the bloodwolf with great puzzlement as he held out his open paws to her, then pat all over his body whining like a lost puppy. She approached him carefully with her short sword aimed at him. He held up his paws like a man would in surrender and recognised despair in his eyes, which only had a hint of the earlier glow of violent red left in their rich golden pupils. The demonic killing aura she'd sensed from him during the fight was gone without a trace.
She pondered killing him or not, knowing how deceitful demons could be, but she had never seen his kind reacting other than aggressive, and certainly not as un-animal as this. The doubt made her groan in frustration but she had to be sure and the only way to do that was through a familiar bond so they could understand each other. She didn't want to get close to such a dangerous creature or be linked to it's savage mind but she could always break the bond again.
He reeled back and stared at her sword as she took a step closer. She held up her hand, lowered her sword a little, gestured for him to stay put and shook her head while placing her hand on the blade. She gestured at him and growled, and pointed her sword upwards. He gazed at her for a moment and nodded once. She was glad he understood, lowered her sword far enough so that she could still stab him if he attacked her, went down on one knee at his side, touched her forehead, gestured at his, and leaned her head forwards. He understood again and carefully held his forehead against hers. She spoke the incantation and as she concentrated on him the mind link opened. His fear and anguish nearly overwhelmed her.

Ulric caught the young woman before she fell on the floor. 'Are you okay?' he asked as she blinked at him.
She nodded and tensed a little when she realised he held her in his strong arms. 'It's nothing.'
'You understand me now!?'
She rolled out of his arms and sat down on the floor. 'Yes. Through the mind link from the familiar bond that I made with you. We don't need to speak directly either if we focus on who we want to talk to.
He nodded although he didn't quite understood it, and glanced around at the chamber again. 'Where am I?'
'This is a dark wizard's lair. You don't know how you got here? Where did you come from?'
He sighed. 'Last thing I remember was reading an old fantasy book that I picked up at a used book shop on the couch.' he said and looked around again. 'And now it seems I'm stuck in this dream.'
She raised an eyebrow. 'You think you're dreaming?'
He held out his p

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Written by scifurz
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Notes Ulric finds himself in another world and another body, and not that of a man, or even human. Also, at the same time, at the wrong end of a sword.

The beginning of a tale of a demonic wolf with the outrageous powers he gains with each new addition to his harem.
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