A slave to her feet

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couple sits on the couch, for all the world like any other on a quiet Sunday evening, watching a summer "blockbuster." He has his arm over her shoulders; her head rests against his bicep. She starts to fidget. Fingers tapping, bare toes rubbing together. The movie's plot is almost non-existent, the characters are shallow and the special effects over-blown. After 15 more pointless minutes, she gently pulls away from him. As he watches she slowly drops to her knees on the floor at his side and lays her head on his thigh, face turned away, eyes closed. He stokes her smooth, dark hair slowly for a while, contemplating her in profile, thinking. Tipping her chin up he asks, "Bored by the movie, darling?" Her eyes briefly flicker up to his, then back down demurely. In that brief instant he sees a mischievous smile in her eyes, but her face remains composed. "Of course not. You picked it sir."

He briefly considers punishing her for insolence, but unable to help himself he chuckles. "Of course not. Well, I am. So...what should I do with you?" She waits; it is not her place to answer. "Okay. Stand up. Strip. No embellishments please."

Matter-of-factly each piece of clothing comes off, neatly folded and placed to the side. Standing still before him, he lets his eyes wander down her body. Square shoulders, full breasts, slightly rounded belly and curvy hips. Although not especially long, her legs are nicely formed with shapely well-muscled thighs tapering to slender calves and rather delicate ankles. Her feet are somewhat angular, narrow across the instep, widening around heel and ball. He can faintly see the fragile bones running under the thin skin down the top of her foot, leading into her toes. The space between the first and second toes (almost equal in length) is very evident, but he knows she can spread all her toes quite wide apart. Seeing the high arch that leaves almost an inch of space between the inside of her foot and the floor makes him smile.

There are several leather, buckled straps in a chest next to the couch, and turning her away from him, he begins to bind her arms. Starting at her wrists, he moves up her fore arms, each strap snug but not brutally so. Every new bond pulls her shoulders farther back, forcing her chest out and chin up. When he is done there are five parallel black inch wide lines tying her arms almost together. All of the buckles run neatly down the middle and he is proud of his meticulous, photo-worthy work. He stands up, running hands and tongue up the back of her arms to her neck. Standing behind her he gently sucks and nibbles at her neck, reaching around to trail his fingers lightly down her chest to her nipples. They are already hard. Less gently he scratches a spiral pattern around each, ending with a small pinch at the tip. He can feel her shivering against his chest.

As he moves to face her, he pushes her down into the couch, then undresses. Just looking at her below him is making his cock start to thicken. He spreads her legs widely and gets down on his knees between them. Roughly, he grabs her by the hips and pulls her ass right the edge of the couch, pressing himself against her pussy. She's wet for him already, wants him, but he doesn't enter.

With his cheek against her chest, he can feel her heart beating as he licks, sucks and finally nibbles at her nipples. Her gasps and winces can be felt, but he knows by the sound that it is as much in pleasure as pain. He knows how to build it up slowly so that she can take it.

Impatient for more, he pushes with one hand between her breasts, making her fall back against the couch and dives right in, licking her shaved lips, sucking on her clit, dipping his tongue into her wet pussy. He can feel her trying to pull back, but he doesn't feel like catering to her sometimes-prudish tendencies and just grips her ass more firmly, pulling her up to him. As she begins to relax, moaning and sighing, he feels himself getting harder. When she starts pushing towards him he is beginning to throb. With her right at the edge, begging, he pulls back. She is writhing, and the sharp groans coming out of her tell him that she is just a few seconds from cumming, but he doesn't let her get there. He wants something more from her first. Her feet.

He sits back on his heels. He starts with first her right leg, stroking down with both hands, feeling with his palms the very light hairs on her thighs, then the silky smooth shaved calves, pausing occasionally to dig his fingers into her muscles, massaging. Her foot rests on his thigh, and he torments himself by running his fingers around her anklebones but not letting himself go farther. The sight of her foot on his thigh, so close but not close enough, not letting himself touch her beautiful foot, was driving him wild. Reaching for her left leg, he feels his way down that one too, less patiently. When he reaches her ankle, he can't help himself, and holding her foot up, rubs her sole against his cheek. Eyes closed, he loves the feel of her arch cupped against his jaw line, the slight callus on the ball of her foot, under the big toe, scr****g lightly against his cheekbone. Almost like a physical touch he can feel her eyes on him, soaking it in, and that is good too. He knows that it turns her on, how much pleasure he gets from her feet, how much he loves touching and holding them, using them.

He turns her foot towards him and sweeps his tongue around the edge of her heel, up the outside edge, all the way to her little toe. The different textures, the thick, rougher skin of the heel, changing to the smooth, thinner skin at the side, are things that he appreciates. Following the same line with his teeth, he bites hard into her heel, then nibbles gently up to her little toe, which he sucks slowly into his mouth, laving with his tongue. Her foot is twitching in his hand, but not with ticklishness, he thinks, she's too aroused for that, but with pleasure. One by one he t

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Notes At first, all he can feel is her hot breath around his head. Then her soft tongue glides over him, back and forth, around, flicking at the slit. He groans and speeds up his own movements, feels her squeeze her feet around him. This goes on for a while, and occasionally he can hear her moan around him, feel the vibration. She loves this, a man in her mouth, getting more and more excited for her.
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