The Club - Chapter 1 (A young married Chinese woman hooks up with a black bull)

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Yu Yan couldn’t hide her excitement when she read the message: “The Club is open again. We look forward to seeing you soon.”

She passed her mobile to her husband who nodded approvingly after he, too, glanced at the screen. “Oh, seems like someone is happy,” he teased her.

She had really missed The Club. She’d had so many good times there!


Yu Yan had met her husband in Hong Kong when she was a university student and he was one of her lecturers. Although relationships between students and staff were frowned upon, most senior teachers and managers at the higher education institution tended to turn a blind eye to such matters. After all, everyone was an adult.

When her husband suggested that they relocate to London after their marriage, Yu Yan didn’t think twice. Even though her other half was twice her age, they had common interests. They were both avid readers, loved classical music and enjoyed the outdoors.

Yu Yan and her husband moved into a big, beautiful house in Chelsea, a posh part of London. They had an active social life. Together they attended concerts regularly, went often to dinner parties and spent weekends away in the countryside every now and then.

Early on, however, her husband noticed that Yu Yan was sexually voracious. He was aware that she had not had a lot of experience before she’d met him and maybe this accounted for his wife’s insatiable sexual appetite. She’d only been with a couple of guys before him, including the one she’d lost her virginity to. At the beginning her innocence and curiosity were the springboard for many a sweaty night back in Hong Kong.

Like many Chinese women, Yu Yan was on the petite side. She had small breasts, a pert bottom and shapely legs. Her hair was very long, reaching down to her buttocks. She was into walking and as soon as they relocated to the UK, she fell in love with hiking in the Peak District and going for long treks in Northumberland.

All this exercise had made her tiny body a compact mass of muscles, softly rounded by the generous curves that shaped her small frame. From outside no one could have ever guessed how brawny she was.

Her physical exertions made her more lustful. Whether cycling along the Thames from west to east, or going for a long run, the outcome was usually the same: wild love-making.

Nature took its course and eventually Yu Yan’s husband started falling behind in their carnal relationship. Sex was confined now to the odd weekend. Spontaneity had gone out of the window. By now Yu Yan was in her early thirties and her spouse in his early sixties.

Something had to be done.

That’s when Yu Yan’s husband first heard of The Club. A close colleague at the same university where he lectured confided to him that he and his wife frequented this place in Soho. The colleague knew Yu Yan and was probably aware of what the age gap meant in bed. There was no malice in the information given. Yu Yan’s husband lapped up the details shared by his co-worker and concocted a plan. Little did he know that his wife would provide the perfect excuse for the execution of his idea.

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Notes The Club is the place in London where couples and singles go to shed their inhibitions and realise their sexual fantasies. In this chapter we have a young married Chinese woman finding out what being with a dominant black bull feels like with the help of her cuckold husband.
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