ShoeLove - Preface I @chuckloveinsta

Chapter 1: ShoeLove - Preface I @chuckloveinsta
  • Chapter 1: ShoeLove - Preface I @chuckloveinsta
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Many think badly of shoe fetishists. Despite our opening up of society to the subject of sex and fetishism, we are for the most part very limited in what we subjectively view as "normal".

But why is that so? Why is a man who finds only anal sex with a woman really satisfying any different from one who seeks physical and emotional satisfaction from a much more private and intimate object of his beloved?

After all, let's think more about it - how long do we wear a pair of shoes on average? What do we experience with every further step that we take with them? How many feelings do we get through during this? Where do our shoes take us?

Hardly any item of clothing “experiences” more intimate and private moments than a simple pair of shoes. Even underwear or lingerie can hardly keep up, as they end up in the washing machine after a few hours.
Shoes are just as much sex objects as dildos, anal plugs, vibrators and other "toys". They just aren't seen as such.

But here, too, we as a society should take a closer look. What do many associate with a sexy outfit for a woman? I think most people answer with lingerie, stockings, and high heels.

Sure, not every pair of shoes is primarily intended to generate sexual arousal, regardless of gender. But where is the limit which shoes can be attractive and which are not? Some like shiny patent leather shoes, others like slippers and still others like their girlfriend's normal office heels or sneakers.

Even so, when they learn that some masturbate with the help of shoes, most are repulsive.

The same is true when they find out about my experiences, which I have tried to vividly write down and record. All of this is based on a real core and real events. Only the names have been changed to protect privacy. Well, a few scenes were added later, but the main idea is true.

The only thing that doesn't help is the fact that everyone who noticed has reacted extremely repugnant so far.

But why? As mentioned above, there is hardly any difference between the attraction of conventional “toys” and that of shoes of any kind. In addition, many do not even recognize the potential that shoes have.

How many “toys” are there that specifically men can use?

A masturbator works on the same principle as a tight sneaker into which you insert your member. Except that a shoe - as mentioned above - is a lot more intimate and personal than any toy could ever be.

For women, too, there are completely new ways of using them as “just” wearing sexy shoes. It doesn't even have to be heels, no, the soles of a new pair of Converse with their characteristic pattern can also cause surprises.

In short - shoes are much more than just everyday objects. They are private and intimate things that are just not viewed as such.

Perhaps it is due to too strong an influence of traditions. But who says what's right and what's wrong?

Basically we are all fetishists at heart, everyone has something that attracts them particularly sexually. It no longer needs to be elaborated here, everyone who is reading this right now knows best what it is for him or her personally.

It doesn't matter whether you deal with it openly and acknowledge it or prefer to spend wonderful hours alone in private - we're all basically the same - just slightly different.

So we give ourselves a push and accept shoe fetishists - just like all other fetishists and those who think “differently” sexually - for what they are: people.

Written by chuckloveinsta
Uploaded October 6, 2020
Notes The beginning of a converse-filled story that happend in real life. Trust me.
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