Hollene - A Day at the Beach

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Holly planned on spending the day with Maria, but life got in the way and Maria had to take care of a ton of paperwork at city hall after Holly’s last sex adventure. Holly didn’t mind going herself but after her last visit there, the mayor of Titania issued a restraining order preventing Holly from visiting there again.

Feeling her body needing some additional relief, Holly decided to go for a short hunt at the beach. What better place to scout for potential sex partners than the beach? And no beach was more suitable than Titania's Magma Beach. The strip of fine white sand on the shore of the Pacific Ocean.

Holly’s walk to the beach was not a long one. The red-head didn’t bother much with setting up for the beach, putting on a two-piece swimsuit that struggled to contain Baby, and a shirt that struggled to contain her breasts and she was good to go.

Holly couldn’t help but feel bad for Maria, the weather was just perfect, sunny, but not scorching hot. She set herself up by picking up a vacant beach-chair and picking a spot where the tide won’t get her, just under an umbrella that provided a bit of shade.

Like a predator, set up in the perfect ambush, Holly felt it was time to start looking for prey. She started with her most fine-tuned technique, looking for large breasted women. It might sound simplistic, but there Holly had an art to it. She could tell if a girl was faking size, through padding or a push-up top piece, or if the girl was using a minimizer to make herself look small. It was a precise science that Holly was employing.

Scouring the beach for an initial scan, Holly spotted around twenty large-breasted girls that could be potential candidates. But she was just getting started, looking more closely, Holly disqualified half of them for cheating and making themselves look bigger. Now, she felt confident enough that each of the remaining ten girls could work for her, but she didn’t want something that will “work,” she wanted a girl that could offer her a bit of relief. Of the ten girls, only three had breasts bigger than an H cup and looked promising.

Holly started considering their features to nail down the one when she noticed something strange. One of the girls was different, not because of her blonde hair or her baby blue eyes, but because her enormous, exposed nipples were dripping something white. Focusing on the girls, Holly realized she was actually naked, and moreover, her belly looked into late pregnancy. Holly needed a moment to process what she was seeing and realize the girl was pregnant and what was coming out of her nipples was milk.

Holly decided it was better to take that girl off her list. Her body was a sex machine, but Holly wasn’t a home-wrecker. This woman was probably going to be a mother and make someone a father and she wasn’t the girl that will break this kind of relationship even if her balls were super full with cum.

As Holly was debating what to do with the girl she noticed the girl was doing something strange. In the middle of the beach, she spread her legs and paused. It struck Holly as strange that no one on the beach seemed to care that a naked, pregnant woman who was about to pee in the middle of it all. And sure enough, a massive, pearly-white stream came out from between her legs and pooled on the sand below her. Holly almost screamed as the pieces of the puzzle fell into place inside her head. The blonde wasn’t peeing, she was letting out cum, Holly was shocked to realize the girl wasn’t even pregnant, but filled with cum.

Her mind raced, there’s probably another hyper on the beach. Maybe it’s Chelsea and they could repeat their adventures in the park. Holly decided to make a move, she got up from her chair and walked over to the blonde, who was still draining herself.

“Hello, nice to meet you,” Holly greeted when she was close enough.

The girl ignored her, pouring more viscous cum out of her pussy.

“Hi, over here, nice to meet you.” Holly tried again, not used to people ignoring her.

The blonde kept at it, still not paying any attention to Holly.

“Who filled you with all that cum?” Holly decided to be blunt.

It seemed the word cum got to the lady. She lifted her head and looked into Holly’s green eyes, “You can see me?”

“Obviously,” Holly answered in a cynical voice, “who did this to you?”

“OMG, you can see me,” the blonde seemed so concerned with the fact she was seen that she forgot her manners altogether.

“Of course I can see you, I’m not blind…” Holly was getting a little annoyed.

“Are you magical?”

“Ahh,” Holly lingered on the answer, “Nope, but Baby here has a few magic tricks…” she tapped her foot-long cock.

“Is everything okay, Angie?” came a voice from behind Holly. She turned to find another naked lady that sported a cock as big as Baby was. This girl was also blonde, but her breasts were smaller than the other girl.

“Nicky, you won’t believe what I’m about to tell you,” the lactating girl turned to her big-dicked associate, “This girl, she can see us…”

“No way, how?”

“Excuse me,” Holly raised her voice, not used to such a strange behavior, “I’m Holly, who, the fuck, are you?”

“Oh, sorry,” said the lactating blond, “my name is Angie, and my big dicked lover here is Nicky.”

“Nice to meet you two,” Holly smiled and seemed to calm down, “Now, Angie, who filled you with cum?”

“I did,” Nicky stepped forward.

“I’ll be honest, girls,” Holly decided it was best to explain her intentions before moving on with the two, “I’m looking for sex, and I want to use Angie a little, if that is acceptable with you, Nicky.”

“Ohh, ahmm,” Nicky started to stutter at the question.

“It’s okay, you can say no, you don’t have to agree…” Holly tried to ease the pressure.

“It’s not that, Holly,” Angie butted in, “I think you should come meet our group before we start talking about us fucking…”

“Oh, you’re a group,” Holly felt baby tingle with the thought of group se

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Written by neolime69
Uploaded October 29, 2020
Notes Alene and Holly meet for the first time.

Contains: Futanari, hyper, excessive cum, cum inflation.
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