Domination & submission- real life encounters with my Sir - Red Wine & a Leash (a submissive’s journey)

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Contained & Consumed

she: i'm a little nervous, Sir.

He: If you would rather not do this, you don't have to, sub.

she: i don't mind being nervous—i've just never done these particular things before, Sir.

He: Take a moment to take a deep breath and decide. It's perfectly fine to wait until another time.

she: May i come over now, Sir?

He: You’re sure you are ready, sub?

she: Yes. May i please come to You, Sir?

He: Yes, text me when you arrive at the gate and I will buzz you in. Since you’re nervous, sub, you may choose either the hood or the gag to start with.

she: Hood, please, my Sir.

He: When you arrive at the door you will knock, breathe deep and close your eyes. From that moment on, you are to remain silent with your eyes closed until you are told otherwise.

she: Yes, my Sir.

He: You will be inspected. After you are inspected, a hood will be placed over your head and the posture collar put around your throat... and then you will be led upstairs.

she: Yes, Sir.

**Hooded sub on a Leash**

the beating of my heart

is bursting with my anticipation

the racing of my pulse

is fueled by Your impending predation

pulling into your driveway alongside Your truck

taking jittery steps

with my excitement run amuck

slowly, deeply inhaling a calming breath
which does nothing at all

to calm my nerves

lids closed

submissive pose

knuckles rap

on His door

a rush of air

“Give me your hands and step up -
I will not let you fall”
helping me over the threshold

He slides my purse off of my shoulder

then slips my rain-kissed coat

down and away

i stand quietly blind
awaiting His next planned move

“Lift your hair, sub”

and in an instant,

the smell of leather

wafts passed my nostrils

feeling the wide stiff posture collar
wrap around my long lilting neck

nimbly he secures

the buckles in place

feeling the flush

flooding my face

hearing the metal 'clink'

as the leash is clicked into its link

He then drops the leather leash

down through the top

of my olive-colored snug sweater dress

the coolness of leather

licking at the warm skin between

my round mounds of flesh

it hangs dangling

tantalizing my delight
Lift your arms, my girl”

doing as i am told,

His fingers grasp the hem of my dress

sliding it up passed my thighs, stomach, and breasts
removing it completely

over my head

with my eyes still closed

Sir instructs me to remove my silver hoop earrings
placing them in His hand
We don't want them to be in the way”

He hands me a slippery ball of fabric into my palm

“You may open your eyes to see what you're doing”

“I want you to pull the hood over the top of your head, sub”
i look down at a black fitted hood

with a hole for my nose and mouth

grabbing the edges

and centering the opening

so it will line up just right

sliding it over my head

the fit is perfect and tight

darkness descends inward
fall inside this cocoon

a submissive cave

contained and consumed

with rampant thoughts

of what He will do next

waiting for Sir

to guide me on this conquest

through the hole in the hood

my full lips are exposed

like cherry-colored candy

slightly parted, partially closed

His sensuous tongue lands

taking a long lingering lick

sensing He has other plans

for my candy stained lips

tingles shooting

electricity through my being

all semblance of normal, escape,

floating away, fleeing

feeling a slight tug

as Sir takes hold of my leash

“Get down on the floor, my girl, and crawl slowly up the stairs”

“Take your time; there's no need to rush”

short shag carpet underhand

i locate the first stair

and begin my ascent

He guides my obedience

service without question

one step at a time

slowly i go

aware of the length of leather

a lead that ties us together

my neck and volition

His hand directs my position

a virile Dom leading His sub

on a delicious mission

© All Rights Reserved - Clarissa O. Clemens

An excerpt from Red Wine & a Leash

>Available at all online bookstores<

Written by clarissaoclemens
Uploaded September 24, 2020
Notes i am a submissive. My Sir required me to journal everything i experienced while under His command. The story piece above is a small portion of one of our D/s encounters. I compiled our first year together in the published book, Red Wine & a Leash.

He is the sexiest of painters
and i am the paint
dripping deliciously
from His brush

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