You'll Have to Earn It

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“Built like a brick shit house,” is how my Dad described the new neighbor when Mom wasn’t around. Home from college and nursing hurt feelings from a breakup with my girlfriend, hearing Dad ogle the new neighbor wasn’t my idea of fun. When Mom gave me a few pieces of mail to take next door, after it was inadvertently delivered to us, it was an afternoon that changed my opinion and had me completely agreeing with the old man.
Trooping next door, I rang the front doorbell and waited. After receiving no answer, I made my way down the driveway to the back of the house and spotted her lounging by the pool. My cock unsprang as I saw her and for the first time, had to agree with my Dad. The new neighbor was built. Curvy and voluptuous, wearing a floppy had to protect her from the sun and a string bikini, her curves strained the tiny strings holding the small triangles strategically in place.
“Well who do we have here,” she smiled up at me as she pushed the hat back away from her eyes. She pulled her ear buds out and set her tablet aside. It was then I saw the porn she had been watching on the tablet as the screen froze with the image of a huge cock plunging into a wet pink cunt. She was even trying to hide that she had been watching porn.
“My Mom sent me over with your mail,” I stammered as I tried to cover my growing erection.
“Perfect. I have some of yours. The postman must have mixed them up. Follow me into the house. I’ll get it for you.”
Stepping back nervously as she swung her legs off the chaise lounge, she had been reclining on, I had glimpse of her mound and the crack of her slit between her legs as the tiny thin fabric triangle struggled to cover it. The hint of skin between her labia and her thick thigh and I quickly looked away to be polite realizing that she was completely shaved. The tiny glimpse at her swimsuit told me everything. As she stood, she pulled the fabric from her voluptuous ass and turned toward the house.
“Okay,” I stammered as I followed her.
“I’m Jessica, by the way,” she told me over her shoulder as she led me toward the house.
“I’m Will,” I replied as my eyes glued to the sway of her hips as she walked, and her ass ate the tiny bikini again.
I’ve always loved curvy women instead of the stick figure girls at school and as I followed Jessica, my eyes were focused entirely on the small triangle that barely covered her luscious, round ass that bounced and jiggled with every step. By the time we reached the double glass doors that led into the kitchen, the little triangle was entirely ensconced in the deep groove of her ass. With an hour glass figure and curves that jiggled and moved in just the right way, she was my idea of the perfect woman. When I finally tore my eyes away from her ass, I saw her smiling at me in the reflection of the door as she pushed it open. I knew I had been caught ogling her.
“Here you go,” Jessica offered as she crossed the kitchen and picked up a few envelopes. Taking off her hat, she set it on the counter and turned back to me. She held the mail out to me a second then pulled them back. “Do you want to have some fun?”
“Of course,” I replied not understanding what she was getting at.
“You’ll have to earn this mail. Can you guess my age?”
Blinking at her, I tried to come up with an answer that didn’t insult her. “Thirty-two?”
“Close. Thirty-six.” She handed me the envelopes. “How old are you?”
“Twenty-one.” I was still wondering where her questions were going as I stuffed the envelopes in the back pocket of my shorts and leaned against the counter as I tried to look anywhere else in the kitchen except at her incredible almost naked body.
“Do you have a girlfriend?”
“We broke up at the end of the semester.”
“That’s too bad,” she pouted. “So, it’s been a couple of months on your own.”
“Something like that.” I was still wondering where it was going and wondered if I should work to get out of the situation before her husband came home. From what I had seen, he was a big guy and I didn’t want any problems.
“I get it. My husband travels a lot for work. He’s been gone all week.” Nodding, I tried to make believe I understood as I avoided looking at her. What she said next surprised me. “I get tired of masturbating, don’t you? I’ll suck your cock but you have to earn it.”
“What?” I was completely caught off guard.
“You heard me. We’ll make a game of it. If your bigger than my husband, I’ll give you a blowjob.”
My cock reacted instantly to her proposition as I stopped trying not to look at her. Her tits were spilling over top of the bikini that was bursting as they tried to keep the large globes in check. The small triangle was wedged deep between her thick thighs and her wide bare hips made my cock stiffen even more.
“But?” I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to meet her expectations and afraid she’d turn me down after seeing my cock.
“Only one way to find out.” Dropping to her knees in front of me, Jessica set to work undoing my shorts. Pulling them down my legs, she hooked her fingers into the waistband of my shorts and pulled them down around my ankles. My cock sprang free in a graceful arc away from my body and I was glad he wasn’t letting me down. “You win,” Jessica announced.
A second later, my cock was in her mouth and I was gripping the countertop trying to retain my balance. She was more than good. Jessica was better at it than any of the fumbling awkward blowjobs I had gotten from girls at college. On her knees in front of me, Jessica’s bathing suit rode deep into the groove of her ass and her bare globes flexed as she sucked my cock.
Finally, she pulled me out of her mouth and studied my cock as she stroked me. “You’re a lot bigger than I expected. Nice and thick. A real jaw breaker.”
Before I could reply, she plunged me into the back of her throat and as her lips enveloped me, I gasped and grabbed the back of her head to steady myself as my legs threatened to

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Notes Home from college, Will takes notice of the new hot wife neighbor next door. When his mother sends him over to give the new neighbor her mail, it takes a turn he didn't expect. The first challenge proves to be easy. Will the rest be? Will has to earn everything he receives from a hot wife. Short story excerpt from Casey Holt. Read the rest. Find it at Amazon or B&N.
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