"Fuck Me Like a Pornstar"

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It’s midday. Lo’s in the bed, naked. “Come here, Daddy, and fuck me,” she says.

I get naked and slide into her. “You’re so wet,” I say.

“I just jilled it.” As I’m inside her with her legs spread, she says, “You know, all the blinds are open and all the neighbors can see us.”

“Do you want me to shut them?”

“No!” she says, “I was telling you so that you’d fuck me like a pornstar.”

“You are a pornstar. My pornstar.”

“Not just yours.”

“What did you jill it to?”

“Get behind me and I’ll tell you.”

She gets on all fours, facing the open windows, and I mount her from behind.

“That’s it,” she says. “I jilled it to the thought of yesterday at the beach.”

“Which part?”

“Watching the girls in their thongs.”

Before she can say anymore, the image of her masturbating in the car, her legs up on the dashboard, watching two girls wearing skimpy bikinis splashing about before her as Lo intently faps flashes before my mind. I pull out and fire a shot that lands squarely between her shoulder blades. A few more shots follow.

“I think you just set a new world’s record — and not in a good way,” she complains over her shoulder.

“Well next time, don’t talk.”

“I hardly had time to say a sentence. My story certainly hadn’t reached its climax before you did!”

“In my mind, it had.”

“You know the drill,” she says, expecting me to clean her up.

“I just drilled you.”

“To hell you did!”

I grab a warm washcloth from the bathroom and gently caress it over her back as she remains bent over, her tits hanging down, framed by the window. Lo says, “I expected more. Is that the best you could do?”

“If you predecease me, I am going to see to it that those words are your epitaph. ‘Lola Down says of life: I expected more. And for all those who come to visit her tomb, on it will be etched: Is that the best you could do?’”

“Don’t worry, ole man, just like in sex, in life I’ll last a lot longer than you.”

“Any neighbors watching?” I ask.

“I sure hope so.”

As she says that, she sees my cock exhibit a flicker of life.

“Got any more in you?”

“Stay just like that,” I say, returning to the bathroom to put the washcloth in the sink.

I get behind her again and sit on the edge of the bed, stroking my cock to the view, thinking about the neighbors watching her in the window. She must have read my mind because, as I was coaxing my cock into a repeat performance, she says, “I hope the neighbors are enjoying this.”

When I’m rigid enough for reentry, I resume the position.

She moans and says, “Noon is a good time for you, Daddio.”

“Yeah, the caffeine kicks in full-force right about now.”

“Well, you can kick in full-force. Slam me. Fuck me like a pornstar. I’ll put on a good show.”

I give her my all and she begins calling out, right out the open window, “Fuck, fuck! Yeah, fuck! Fuck me. Harder. Fuck me.”

I can hear the women who live upstairs walking. The hardwood floor amplifies their footsteps and they are walking right above us. No doubt they hear the soundtrack to Lo’s porno.

I can feel her cunt-clenching convulsions beginning. Her voice is at peak volume. Her pussy pushes me out as she begins to squirt on the floor and her fingers grab onto the windowsill as if she were on the outside, holding on for dear life. “FUUUUUCK!” she cries as she sprays the floor.

“Get back in me,” she instructs desperately.

I slide in.

“Fast. Hard. Deep.”

I do my best.

Repeat. I’m squeezed out, she squirts.

I sit on the bed and watch.

Desperate for her third (Lo loves to cum in threes), she lowers her dripping slip-n-slid down on my shaft.

Now she is in control of the penetration as she lifts and drops at her own pace and to her own desired depth. Quickly she goes from slow and gentle glides to rapid, repetitive sloppy slams like a pile driver dropping at 150 beats per minute until she hits just the right spot and the dam doors burst.

Pleased with winning the Triple Crown, she falls on the bed next to me, panting.

“I tried to stay in you,” I say, apologetically, “but I’m no match for your Kegel muscles.”

“You’d have to knot me to stay in me,” she says matter-of-factly.

I’m exhausted from the workout, but Lo says I have to get up and grab a mop to clean the floor while she changes the sheets.

“Can’t we just nap and clean up later?”

“No! I can’t sleep on soppy sheets.”

“You’re so sensitive. You’re like ‘The Princess and the Pee!’”

Written by loladown
Uploaded September 20, 2020
Notes Lola fantasizes about the girls at the beach as she gets fucked in front of the open window for the neighbors to see.
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