Worth the Trouble

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I know this is a bad idea. I drive through town knowing. The lights blur by, I barely notice everything I pass. The route is so familiar I drive without thought.

To my ex’s apartment. She texted me. A date left her unsatisfied and she knows I’m a good time. I’m horny and lonely and she knows my buttons.

My hands shake when I knock on her door. It opens at first tap and I picture her pacing behind it while she waited.

I open to my mouth to say hi, to accuse her for having the nerve, to fight about the dishes, to tell her how much I miss her. Angelica grabs my hand and pulls me into the apartment and cuts off my words with a rough kiss.

I melt into her, my hands dig into her hair as our tongues meet. Her taste is familiar, liking coming home. She’s not the aggressive one but tonight she is bold.

My heart screams, “I love you.” It’s. Just. Sex. I remind myself as my hands skim down to her breasts. The plan is to get in, get off, get out. Step one is achieved. Step two is best done fast and hard.

Clearly she agrees because she grabs the waist of my pants and unbuttons them. “Liss,” she moans. “The whole time I was on that date I compared her to you. I kissed her hoping it would be better than you, to erase your memory. But it wasn’t. I got her off and sent her on her way. She wasn’t even in the elevator when I texted you.”

The words are bait. And I take it, not a nibble, I grab it with my entire being. “Poor Angelica. Did she even get you wet?”

“No,” she whines.

I push up her shirt to reveal her breasts. I suck one soft peak into my mouth and tease the other with my fingers. “You know Liss will make it all better,” I croon.

“Yes, Lissy, I need you.”

“Come on baby. Get on your bed and take those pants off. I want to see how wet I get you.”

“Do I get you wet Lissa?” Her bottom lip sticks out.

“Always, Angel. On the bed like a good girl.” I nudge her back.

She turns and takes my hand and we rush to her bedroom. I stop in the doorway smelling the memories. The love, and the anger and the year of mistakes and joy.

She has her pants and shirt off. I love her breasts. She’s wearing a pair of pink cotton panties and I can see the wet spot between her legs.

“You have to get naked too.” She twirls a strand of hair around her finger.

“Yes, you’re always impatient.”

“And you’re always focused on boring details.”

I step closer. “When I focus on licking your cunt, you don’t complain. When I focus on details like how hard and fast you want my touch, there’s no problem.”

Her eyes flash. “And when I fuck you hard and fast and make you come repeatedly, you don’t complain about my impatience. You’re still dressed.”

I pull off my top and bra and stare her down as I strip my jeans and panties. Crawling over her, I pull her hands over her head and trap her. My breasts dangle in her face. “Here I am.”

She smiles at me then takes me into her mouth. I lower to her, my hands sliding down her body, between her thighs. My hard and fast directive comes back in my mind. I wet my fingers in her cunt and find her clit, pressing the soft heart of her arousal.

“Liss, that feels so good. You’re so good at making me come.”

“Don’t come yet Angel.” I bring my slick fingers to her lips and she licks them off. “Good girl.” I suck the taste off her lips. My centre lurches with desire.

“Tell me what you want Liss. Tell me what to do.”

Her plea tugs at me. I drop my head and lick her earlobe. “Will you follow the instructions like a good girl?” That’s what came down to in our breakup. She wanted me to tell her what to do then refused. Not even in a funny bratty way, just straight up pissed off refusal.

“If you’re nice to me.”

“I’m always nice to you,” I growl. “Let’s not fight. Let’s fuck.” So I can leave before we fucking fight.

“I’ll behave.”

“I think you should lick my cunt then I’ll get your favorite strap-on from the closet and fuck you.”

Her eyes brighten and we switch positions. She kisses down my body until her face is between my legs. Her tongue goes to the right spot without command, and she licks softly, then with more pressure. I put my hand on her head as my moans reach their apex, and my orgasm came crashing down the side. God, she’s good.

I use my knees closing to push her away and she obliges. “I need a moment to recover, if you could get the strap-on for me, I’ll be endlessly grateful.”

“Of course, Lissy.” She bounces off the bed to follow my instructions. When she returns, my muscles have regained strength. I take the strap-on and tie it around my waist, the dildo waving in front of me like a cock.

“You ready to be fucked, Angel?”

She bites her bottom lip and smiles. “Yes, Please.”

I help her onto the bed and spread her legs. She’s so fucking wet, I slide the fake phallus into her with one slick move. We find the perfect rhythm of our bodies coming together, the perfect speed to make her moan, the perfect touch to make her writhe under me.

I watch her face, the familiar moans, the parted lips as she comes. God, she’s so beautiful. Her delicate features, her naughty smiles, and the whiny voice. She’s trouble. But goddamn it she might be worth it.

Written by Asrai Devin
Uploaded August 21, 2020
Notes For one woman seeing her ex is worth the trouble. At least it's satisfaction guaranteed. Lesfic
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