Birthday Surprise

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I've arranged a surprise for your birthday and pick you up from your house at 8 o'clock. You look absolutely stunning, dressed in a flimsy white sleeveless blouse, knee-length blue denim skirt and long black knee-length heeled boots and black stockings. WOW! I can feel my cock stirring in my trousers already! We kiss as soon as you I’ve recovered from my daze of your beauty, our tongues seeking out each others, your arms round my back, my hands on your cheeks. You are such wonderful kisser and, together with the scent of your lovely perfume, you have already got me so turned on and you can feel my erection pressing against you through your skirt! Unfortunately, we do have to go so we walk hand in hand to my car, me holding your door open for you to get in, you flashing me a glimpse of your stocking tops as sit down mmmmm such awesome sexy legs!!!
Next to the train station, it’s so hard for me to concentrate on driving as I can’t keep my eyes off you! Luckily, it’s not far and soon we’re sat together on a busy train, full of people heading into London, just like us! Wish there weren’t so many people around as I would love to make you cum hard on the train, with my cock buried deep inside you, but we have to content ourselves with holding hands in your lap and sneaking the odd kiss when we can! When we get to London, I grab our bag from the baggage rail and we head out through the station and into the night. We’re both so excited, you more so because you have no idea what’s going to happen! I pull you into a nice secluded wine bar, sit in a corner booth, have a few drinks and smooch the hour away, our hands sneaking between each others thighs when we think no-one’s looking, for a quick stroke! I can feel how hot your pussy is getting through your skirt and at one stage I manage to run a hand under your skirt and up your stockinged thighs and stroke your pussy lips through your wet panties, making you squirm with delight!!! I need you so badly! We pay up and venture into the night again, this time only going a few doors down to a very plush hotel. The doorman greets us, opens the door and directs us to the reception. The slightly bemused look on your beautiful face is amazing! I can tell you never thought we’d be coming in here! We book in under the names Mr + Mrs Smith and head to the elevator. Luckily, we get it all to ourselves and instantly we are in each other’s arms, kissing deeply and passionately, the sexual tension built up over the last hour is coming to the front now, our tongues are lapping at each other and our hands are all over each other’s bodies. We’re interrupted by a loud bell, telling us we’re on the right floor, and we quickly break apart in case there’s anybody waiting for lift. Luckily again, the hallway is deserted and I lead you off to our room. Once inside, I throw our bag down and waste no time at all in carrying on where we left off from the elevator, sinking my tongue deep into your eager mouth and pulling you through to the bedroom, unbuttoning your blouse as we go, you doing the same to my shirt and we enter the bedroom topless apart from your lovely black lacy bra, which I undo next and you shrug it off your gorgeous shoulders then press tighter to me as we kiss, your hard nipples digging into my chest. Oh wow, you are so amazing!! My hands run down your bare spine, nails slightly scratching down until I hook my thumbs into your skirt and ease it down over your wonderful hips, tearing myself away from your fantastic mouth so that I can lick my way down your delicious body, licking my tongue over your nipples then down over your flat stomach, licking at your belly ring until I’m knelt in front of you, your skirt on the floor and I can look back at you in your stockings, suspender belt, panties and boots, OMG, absolutely fantastic!! My hands caress your bum cheeks while I take the waistband of your panties in my teeth and pull downward, pulling your pants down your luscious legs. They are so wet and flimsy they easily pull down to your ankles so when I look up and I can see your gorgeous bare pussy, glistening with juice mmmmmmmmmm! I can’t resist a quick lick and you spread your legs wider to allow me better access as my tongue licks up and down your hot wet slit. Wow you taste sooo good! I stand up and kiss you deeply so you can get a taste of your hot pussy. Your hands undo my belt and slip my trousers down my legs, rubbing your hands over the huge bulge in my pants before you take those off me too so I am now standing fully naked in front of you, my hard cock pressing against your belly and leaving its own little traces on your lovely skin as we kiss. Then you move over to the bed and lay back with your luscious long booted legs spread wide for me, showing me your fantastic body in all its glory, totally beautiful face framed by your lovely hair; amazing breasts, nipples standing proud and erect; wonderful pussy, already dripping wet with your hot sweet juices; luscious legs, enshrouded with nylon and your heeled boots. OMG, a vision of perfection! “What are you doing just standing there, Big Boy?” you ask sultrily, “My pussy needs a good licking and I need to cum!”
I waste no time at all and jump on the bed stroking up your delicious stockinged thighs then licking my way up your juicy slit before I spread your pussy lips wide and ease my tongue inside your soaking hole. My fingers are rubbing gently at your clit, as I lick inside you and you are so on edge you just have to cum, your hands on the back of my head, pushing me deeper into your cunt while you arch your back and push up hard too as you cum so hard into my waiting mouth, crying out as your pussy spasms sending a hot spray of your lovely juices deep into my mouth. Ohh, I love the taste of your cum and lick you totally dry, until every last drop of your hot juice has gone into my mouth mmmmmm! Your running your fingers through my hair and your thighs squeezing my head tight as your orgasm su

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Written by waveriderguy69
Uploaded September 28, 2020
Notes A Birthday surprise for my partner turns into a hot evening!
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