Confessing Her Sins

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Well, warning, don’t continue if you will be offended by my perversion of religion.

Her favorite place to pick up men was the church. Listening to the priests talk about sin and punishment made her blood heat, her skin flush with arousal.

Catholic Churches were the most fun because of the little confessional booths.

She had her hand up her skirt before the priest even opened the window. Her voice pitched high when she spoke. “Forgive me Father for I have sinned.”

“Yes my child,” he intoned deeply.

She stroked her clit through her panties. “I can’t overcome my lust. I’ve had sex with three different men this week and I think one was married.”

“Oh, that’s — ” he choked on his words.

“Naughty, I know. So fucking bad. We messaged online, and we started talking dirty. He was super kinky. Wanted me dressed as a schoolgirl when he came to my apartment. You probably don’t need details. God knows already right?”

“To fully be absolved, you need to confess everything.”

She rubbed her thumb over her nipple and he leaned closer to the screen.

“I’m masturbating now,” she hissed. The only reply was the rustle of his clothing. Priest’s robes? She couldn’t see him through the screen.

“I put on the uniform and he called me a bad girl when he arrived. We made up a story about a schoolgirl caught flashing boys. And he was the headmaster, doling out the punishment.”

“What was the punishment?”

“A spanking over his knee. Ten slaps on my bare ass. Then he tore my shirt off, said since I wanted to show off my tits, I should show him.”

More rustling behind the screen. “Jesus,” he breathed.

She reached her hand into her shirt and pinched her nipple. “After he yanked on my tit, he slobbered all over them. Then he made me kneel while he showed me his cock. He had this big hairy bush which was unfair because you know he demanded I shave bare.”

“Did he only show you?”

“No, he made me suck it for a while. It was a decent cock, average. Damn hair had me gagging every time it hit my face.”

“Blasphemous,” the priest muttered.

“Just a second Father. I‘ll remove my panties. If you don’t mind.” When he remained silent, she slipped them off her legs, giving her space to stroke her bare slit. “That’s better. Where was I?”

“Uh, the uh, hair in your face.”

“Right after a while he stops. And he said he wanted to fuck me, but not my pussy because pregnancy. So I negotiated, I would put my butt plug in and he’d lick my pussy until I orgasmed.”


“Opens me up and I wanted one good orgasm before he got his. He was good with his tongue. I orgasmed twice, the second time he had three fingers in my pussy, stuffing me.”

“I see. Was that all?”

“No, he bent me over the side of the bed and pulled the plug out, and fucked me, right in the ass, moaning someone else’s name. But I won’t complain he rubbed my clit, and I orgasmed again.”

“Like you are now?”

Her head dropped against the wall. “If I climax in here, will I still be forgiven?”

“We will always be forgiven.”

“Can you give me a little speech on sin? I think it will help.”

As he spoke, she stroked until pleasure overtook her. Soft moans filled her side of the cubicle. Then she straightened her skirt. “Thank you, Father.”

“Don’t you want your penance?”

She looked at her panties on the bench. “I’m not Catholic Sir.” Laughing, she left the booth.

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Written by Asrai Devin
Uploaded August 13, 2020
Notes A woman goes to confession to unburden her sins. But she doesn't seek redemption.
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