Truck Sex (An Alpha's Trust Chapter 11)

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“All I need you to know is I like you. I’m too grown to play bullshit games, and I’m a possessive motherfucker. I’ll give you whatever you need from me, but I’m a man, so sometimes you might have to tell me what you want.” 
            Tamara smiled, showing those deep dimples, “I can do that.”
            “Good, now get that sweet ass over here.” Axel pulled Tamara onto his lap, and his dick started to swell.
            Tamara leaned back on the steering wheel and looked into his eyes. The trust in her brown gaze humbled him. Axel would gladly thank any, and all deity’s who were responsible for placing Tamara in his life. 
            His large hand caressed her beautiful soft brown skin. Her eyes closed at the contact, and he felt her shiver. Axel wrapped his hand around the back of her neck and pulled her close. He hovered over her lips, their breaths mingled with heightened sexual energy.
            He licked his tongue out and softly traced her closed lips. She gasped, and he plunged inside her mouth, savagely. His hand tightened as he kept her latched to his mouth. Tamara moaned, and the little control he had snapped.
            Axel raised her shirt and pulled down her bra roughly. He palmed her large breasts, tweaked her right nipple, and sucked on her left one. Like the greedy bastard he was, he tried to fit her entire breast in his mouth. Her groaning increased along with the rocking motions of her hips.
            Tamara began to rock back and forth side to side and round and round in a hypnotizing motion. His left hand reached down to grasp her waist. He began to rock his hips up as he held on to her swiveling hips.
            He licked, sucked, and bit on breasts. He moved from one to the other in a rhythmic motion that had Tamara gasping and moaning breathlessly. When she sped up her movement, Axel knew that she was about to cum. 
            “Mmmm, Sassy. Are you going to come for me, baby?” He rasped out.
            “I don’t want to come yet.” Tamara slowed down, but that just wouldn’t do. Axel wanted her to cum; he wanted her to feel good.
            “Yes, you do!” He quickly maneuvered her to her back as he continued to pump his hips.
            “Shit! I’m cumming!” Tamara moaned into his chest with a shudder. Her hands were balled in his shirt in tight fists while her forehead was pressed tightly against his body.
            He continued to grind until her shudders began to lessen. Axel pulled her up from beneath him and kissed her lips. 
            “I’m too big for this position; I need to get you in a bed,” Axel stated in frustration.
            His dick was so hard he was sure he could bust through a concrete wall. Axel was sure he’d never been so stiff in his entire life.
            Tamara sat up and begun to pull off her pants, Axel smirked.
            “What are you doing?” 
            “If you think I’m about to wait to get in a bed, you’re out of your damn mind!” Tamara growled as she climbed on top of him.
            Axel palmed her juicy ass as she attacked his lips. It was his turn to groan. Her hands went into his long hair, and she tugged. He loved the aggressiveness in her. She was sexy as fuck, and he couldn’t wait another second to get inside her.
            Axel pulled the chain that was hooked to his wallet and fished out a condom. They recklessly tugged at his belt and jeans together until they were loose enough to pull down his legs. 
            Tamara grabbed the condom and tore the wrapper with her mouth. She naughtily grinned as she rolled it down his engorged cock. Her small hands pumped his dick and caressed his balls. He had to recite the periodic table to keep from exploding.
            “Damn, Sassy! Fuck! Sit on this dick already, baby.” 
            Tamara released him and put her hands on his shoulders, and lowered her body down slowly. They groaned simultaneously at the feeling of their bodies connecting for the first time.
            Tamara worked her body up and down his shaft, and her ass slapped his thighs in an erotic melody that filled the truck’s cabin. Axel squeezed her ass with one hand as he gripped her waist with the other. He forced her down hard as he pumped his hips up forcefully.
            With his jeans and boxer briefs around his calves, he couldn’t pound into her like he wanted to, but her pussy was too good to stop. When Axel felt the tingle creeping up his spine, he knew that he wouldn’t be able to hold off the orgasm any longer.
            Axel moved one hand to strum her clit while he held her in place with his other hand. He ground up into her pussy with determination. Tamara threw her head back with tightly shut eyes. She groaned when her whole body started to tremble. 
            Axel sucked on her exposed neck, and he came harder than he had ever done in his life. He bit down on her shoulder to keep from growling like a beast. For the first time ever, he wanted to feel the heat of a woman’s body wrapped around him without latex between them.

Written by Kasey Martin
Uploaded June 22, 2020
Notes An Alpha's Trust by Kasey Martin
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