Predator and Prey

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In the city of Manajari predator and prey have worked, played and lived side-by-side for over 700 years in peace. The “bad old days” were long forgotten, when predatory animals hunted their herbivorous cousins and those considered “prey” lived in fear of the night. However, the life of a predator was never easy and with the invention of firearms even a timid, little mouse might defeat a lion. And so a tentative peace was achieved, with predators feeding only on non-sapient, non-bipedal animals and herbivores learned to live alongside the children of those who once hunted them. Now predator and prey are side-by-side in subways, office cubicles and apartment buildings, forming a thriving, modern civilization.

However, that ancient, violent past may be gone but it is not entirely forgotten.


Beth, a young rabbit woman, panted as she dashed through the thick woods outside of Manajari. Sharp twigs and pebbles dug into the pads of her feet and thin, clawlike branches tugged at her clothes and her pale, gray fur. She was wearing only a flimsy tank-top and a pair of shorts, clothes she normally wore when getting ready for bed which were hardly suitable for fleeing through the wilderness.

The woods were popular for daytime hikes or picnics but would be completely empty at this time of night. Even if she screamed as loud as she could there would be no-one around to hear her, except for the one hunting her.

Beth clambered up the wooded knoll, barely avoiding becoming tangled in a stand of thornbushes. She’d been running for almost a quarter of an hour already and her sides were sore and her legs ached. The tip of the rise was mostly bare and gave her a view just above the treetops all around her. Miles away she could see the lights of the city, cold and distant, and leading there was a line of smaller lights: The main highway. It was only a mile south of her current position and if she made it there she would definitely be seen by passing motorists. The hunt would be over…

A howl cut through the night and interrupted that train of thought. The howl reached down deep into her chest, all the way down to her DNA. Deep in her genes, an alarm began to sound.

You are being hunted, it said. Run, if you want to live.

The night is dark and full of danger, it said run or die.


She shuddered as the howl faded, her long ears laying flat down her neck and her breathing becoming more rapid. She struggled against the instinct to break into a run...but she was out of breath and ready to collapse if she pushed herself too hard. Her hunter already had her scent and if she exhausted herself then he’d easily run her down.

Thinking quickly, she stripped off her tank top, a chill night breeze ruffling the sweat-tinged fur of her chest and back. Underneath, her simple, pale yellow bra strained against her heaving breasts, her nipples standing out against the silky fabric. Fortunately, she was in good shape with long lean legs and a flat, toned stomach.

There was another one of those thorn bushes nearby and Beth used a stick to shove the tank-top underneath it. Another howl echoed through the trees and she felt another tremor run through her body as it gripped the base of her spine and made her knees weak.

Rather than dash away through the woods she crept a few yards away and crouched behind a tree, ears straining for the sound of her pursuer. She could hear branches snap and tear as he lumbered through the woods. The sound of his panting growl coming closer and closer set her stomach fluttering.

As the wolf man emerged from the trees the moon broke through the clouds, outlining him clearly as he climbed to the top of the gnoll. He was over a foot taller than Beth and nearly twice as wide: a savage mass of red-brown fur and feral menace. He was completely naked and Beth could make out the outline of corded muscles and taut abs beneath his fur. Between his legs, the moon glistened on the length of his half-unsheathed cock.

Beth tried to control her breathing, desperate to avoid giving away her position and waited. The wolf raised his muzzle and sniffed, testing the air for her scent. He let out a low, eager growl began to pad forward, following his nose. He could tell she was nearby.

Her heart beat faster as he began to approach her hiding place. She had tried to position herself downwind to draw him towards the bait she had left but she had underestimated the keenness of his nose. He was looking back and forth as he approached, trying to pinpoint her exact location.

Feeling around on the ground, her hand closed around a decent-sized stone and idea formed. She waited until the wolf’s head was turned away from her and hurled the stone as hard as she could. It sailed silently over the wolf’s head and hit the ground near where she had stuck the shirt.

The sound of rustling leaves caused the wolf’s head to perk up and he turned towards the noise, nostrils flaring. He must have caught the scent of her shirt because he turned around and approached the bush where she had hidden it.

“Is that you, Beth?” His voice was a growl, dripping with primal hunger, “You should know that you can’t hide from me.”

Beth slowly moved into position to start running, taking deep breaths to keep her stamina up. The wolf paced around the thicket of bushes where she had hidden the shirt, trying to spot her hiding place. Cautiously he crouched on all fours, peering into the undergrowth. He’d spot the crumpled tank-top at any moment and catch on to her ruse.

It was now or never.

Beth sprinted out of her hiding spot, her long, powerful legs propelling her in leaps and bounds down the small hill. There was no chance of getting away without alerting the wolf but, over short distances, she could easily outpace him, especially in the thick woods. His advantage was stamina, if she hadn’t rested he could have run her down but, with a second wind, she

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Written by rpickman
Uploaded September 3, 2020
Notes A furry sex story set in the multi-species city of Manajari, where predators and prey live side by side. But out in the wilderness, things are less civilized. Beth, a rabbit, is being chased through the woods by a very big, very bad wolf.

Contains furries, rough sex and consensual non-con roleplay
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