Let Me Set The Obscene

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with dreams, with drugs, with waking nightmares, alcohol and cock and endless balls

— Allen Ginsberg

I saw the vulgar minds of potential incarceration, loudmouth imprisoned, feed on frustration, trotted before justice dressing in cocaine-powdered wigs looking for reasons to electrocute, beret-headed beatniks screaming obscenity in the presence of those easily impressionable in the dull nature of day,

who vindicated in ’57 that its content and character was on the up-and-up up until and beyond,

who crowds greeted with cheers of reclaimed cunts that weaseled and ottered and oystered their way into the common wiggling tongue,

who no longer could be considered rebels for drawing dicks on desks either with or without cause since all the fight was now conformed and categorized,

who believed being on the outside was the only answer until the multiple-choice tests started adding “all of the above,”

who plucked the formal sting out of words as elaborate as the hierophant’s gaudy vestments or the cum stains underneath,

who threw the crisscrossed keys to unlock the mysteries of language and chastity belts into the rushing channels of the sewers,

who were left behind when the children and old women flipped off newborns and farted more than sailors carrying red pamphlets under the table,

with identity, with conformity, with tradition and endless acceptance of puckered assholes, initiating a new era of appointments without any words shrouded in black marker bar boners covering crotch or breast, or broadcasted without the doorbell buzzer beep,

schools, clubs, teams, companies and societies with a single identity, once shunning, now accepting from the edges in, but now the outsiders are thrown outside invoking and adapting to the larger prison of the world,

who expected to push boundaries when the maps have been burnt by bitches in ritual counsel,

who restricted by the status quo had no more highways or faces to piss upon, and flexibility was traded in for a universal remote,

who shit shaved against the grain until the grain gave up, flowed uphill with the salmon,

who social norms and debs, and debutants were encouraged to retaliate and defecate against the rules written in God’s double-jointed finger,

to scream a truth that no one wanted to hear only to find that everyone was secretly nodding and selling the phrase on coffee mugs,

and never again reflected on pressure or group or a mingling of the two,

with no more lines to cross and no more rigid structures to deconstruct because nothing was fucking obscene any more.


Let Me Set The Obscene, and 68 more short stories, is from "Thong of Thongs: 69 Sexy Jewish Stories" by Kitty Knish, available at Amazon, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Smashwords.

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Thong of Thongs blurb:

Thong of Thongs is the lovely Kitty Knish's debut collection of 69 sexy Jewish stories, showcasing Jewish humor at its finest. Equal parts kosher and dirty, romantic and raunchy fun.

Adam, Eve and the trouser snake; streaking at a kibbutz; Freud’s introduction to submission; these are only a few of the hilariously scandalous tales found inside. Laugh your tuckus off as the Chosen People enjoy their bondage with a side of bagels and lox.

*WARNING*: While there is something in this collection for everyone, not every story is for everyone, so please approach this book with an open mind before you unzip your pants. No kvetching here, you’ve been warned!

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Notes Is anything still obscene?

Let Me Set The Obscene is from "Thong of Thongs: 69 Sexy Jewish Stories" by Kitty Knish.
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