Give to You (Excerpt)

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It’d taken Peter longer than he’d thought it would, but finally his plans were set. Ever since he’d hung up with Kat a few days ago, he’d begun to scheme.

His first calls had been to his clients, juggling schedules and promising discounts and upgrades and favors, clearing his appointments. His next calls had been to airlines and hotels, working logistics and practicalities. And then there’d been the calls to Kat’s parents, finalizing details and putting together plans.

All in all, quite the coup. But the payoff, he hoped, would make it all worth it.

Travel bag still in hand, he crept through the chipped, white screen door of the small, simple split-level’s basement where Kat had grown up, shaking the snow off his now soaked shoes. Toeing them and his drenched socks off and trading them for the thick winter socks and boots he’d borrowed from her father, Peter shut the door as quietly as possible before heading upstairs.

Kat’s parents had, after scolding him and laying an impressive guilt trip on him that still made his cheeks flush shamefully when he thought about it, told him that Kat liked to work in the kitchen, favoring the large, circular table or her father’s recliner, rather than her room. They’d also given him a basic layout of the house, so he could ready everything without disturbing her and ruining the surprise.

Once on the main level, Peter looked about. Cluttered, but still neat, the house looked well lived in. He could imagine Kat as a child here, curled up in a corner with a book or staring dreamily out the large, three-paned living room window.

Even though it was barely November, her parents already had the Christmas lights up but unlit. Looking closer, he imagined they were probably the type to leave them up all year long.

On a whim, he flipped them on, loving the way they lent a whimsical, romantic glow to the room. Like a hundred tiny candles in the swiftly darkening sunset.


The stage was set.

Let the show begin.

Peter pulled out his phone and dialed. Fiddling with the Bluetooth headset, he heard her phone ring in the other room. He pocketed his phone and paced closer, cracking the kitchen door open just a touch when she answered. “Hello, Peter.”

“How’s the day off?” He stared at her sitting cross-legged at the kitchen table in front of her laptop. “Relaxing?”

He saw her excitedly sit up and save her file, her fingers flying over her keyboard. “Very,” she replied before shutting the laptop and giving him her full attention. “And productive.”

“That’s good.” He smiled. One thing was for sure. Kat had been working very hard for a very long time but it was time for her to play again. She needed this, he knew. They needed this. “Are you busy right now?”

“Nope,” she told him, turning around in her chair to stare out the window. “I’m all yours.”

“Good.” He grinned at that, loving her way with words. “I want you to do something for me.” He backed away from the door and reached for his bag.

“Okay.” He could hear the shrug in her voice. “What?”

“Tell me what you’re wearing,” he said lasciviously.

“What?” She laughed, sounding shocked.

“Tell me what you’re wearing,” he playfully repeated the overused cliché. “Tell me slowly.”

“Are you kidding?”

“Nope,” he told her as he laid out some things in the twinkle-lit room. “Tell me, Katherina.”

She giggled. Again, he imagined her slim shoulders shrug before she said, “An old high school sweatshirt, yoga pants, and fuzzy socks?”

He laughed at the question in her voice, her submissive mind wondering about his intentions. She really ought to have known. “Take it off.”

“Excuse me?” she balked.

“Take,” he repeated again, “it off.”

“My parents could come home any minute,” she hissed, scandalized. And a little intrigued, if he heard her right.

They wouldn’t be, he knew. Before leaving for Kat’s childhood home, Peter had settled her parents into a nice hotel for the next few days. A reward for helping him make things up to Kat. And an excuse to keep them away while he did so.

But Kat didn’t know that. “Do it anyway,” he urged, trying to stoke that rebellious flare in her. After a lifetime of walking the line of what everyone else wanted her and expected her to be, Kat liked to push boundaries with him, liked very much to see how far she could go. He wanted to push her now. “Come on, Kat,” he said. “Do it for me.”

She let out a short, mischievous, defiant laugh. “Okay.”

Peter grinned.

He heard her put down the phone and then a rustle of movement and cloth. After a few moments, he heard her again. “Okay,” she said, “I did it.”

That was his girl. “Good,” he purred over the connection. “Very good.” Bag still in hand, he crept down the stairs again, happy with the trap he’d set. “Go into the living room,” he told her as he quietly shut the door and turned on his tablet computer.

“Peter?” she asked, her voice suspicious and hopeful.

“Go, Katherina.” He didn’t want her to think too long about it. On the tablet screen, he could see live footage from the small camera he’d placed hidden among the twinkling Christmas lights.

God, she was beautiful. For a moment, he just stared at her image, zooming in as she looked about the room. Naked, her exquisite, saison-shaded skin shone like an angel’s as she walked around the space, a look of marvel and wonder on her expressive face.

She was so lovely, slim and perfect. She wasn’t curvy, not really, more softly rounded, but her body molded to his hands like a dream. While small, half-a-foot shorter than him, her limbs were long and sculpted. And, while thin, he knew that she was stronger than she looked, capable of so much.

She giggled at her magical surroundings, her breasts jiggling slightly as she clapped her hands over her mouth. Peter's gaze centered on her delectable nipples, dark and still soft in the warm, comfortable house. Knowing they wouldn’t stay that way long, his eyes wid

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Written by Deep Desires Press
Uploaded June 11, 2020
Notes Make-up sex makes everything better! With his toy bag in hand, Peter is determined to convince Kat how hot they can get together.

This hot and sexy excerpt is from "Give To You" by Sonni de Soto.
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