My husband suggested that we wife swap

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If somebody had told me two months ago that I would be involved in a wife swap, I would have burst out laughing.

Charles had always tried to spice up our sex life. First, it was anal. Then, he wanted a threesome. I wondered what would be next.

Our routine was watching porn before having sex. I felt that Charles was hinting at something when he searched for ‘banging another man’s wife’, but I had no idea what was to come.

“Honey, how’d you feel if we swapped partners for one night?” he asked.

My head snapped toward him. “What?”

I thought he was joking, but he persisted. “It’s something new. We both get to experience somebody else. So, it’s a win-win if you really think about it.”

I was unsure if I should’ve slapped him or laughed. My eyebrows raised when I waited for Charles to tell me his plan of making the wife swap happen.

“Haven’t figured everything out yet, but I’ll let you know,” he said.

Charles wished me luck for my job interview and said that going there was a formality. I loved that he knew how to calm my nerves.

“We were very impressed with your resume, Jessica, and now that we’ve gotten to know, we’re even more impressed,” said the CEO. “We’d love to have you on board.”

I smiled and said, “Thank you. It would be my honour.”

“Great. You’ll be working very closely with Johnson. He’s away for a meeting, but we’ll introduce you when you start.”

Charles lifted and spun me around when I told him. He took me to bed and banged the living daylights out of me. I had multiple orgasms.

During the cuddling, he brought up the wife swap. “I checked online and there’s a party at a mansion this weekend. We can check it out, and if it’s not your thing, then we’ll leave.”

I had always been prone to indulge him after he made me cum. I smiled and nodded. He kissed my forehead and said that I would not regret it.

The mansion had a three-metre wall and the most divine gate I had ever seen. The owner had maintained the garden and surrounded it with white and red roses. I told Charles that he should work hard to buy me the place.

Seeing sports and luxury cars in front of the house had made me feel safer. I was worried about being surrounded by creeps, but I didn’t mind if they were rich creeps.

I pulled down the visor and checked my hair and make-up. “You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve seen, and I’m willing to bet that you’re going to be the most beautiful woman inside. Those rich guys are going to be vying for your attention,” said Charles.

I smiled when stroking his face. His fingers intertwined with mine when we walked to the wooden door. It was carved in a magnificent pattern, making me eager to see the inside.

A butler answered the door. Hmmm. I could get used to this lifestyle.

He escorted us to the host, Antonio, who owned the house and looked good for a man in his seventies. Perhaps, it was his wealth that made me attracted to him. He kissed my hand and told me that I was extremely beautiful. I couldn’t argue with the truth, so I smiled.

He caught me off-guard when he said that he would show us the meeting room. Who are we meeting? I thought he was going to bang me.

Six couples were scattered in the room when we walked in. Antonio asked us to choose a couple. Charles looked around and spotted a busty blonde. My eyelids dropped, and I pursed my lips. I hate to admit it, but she looked okay. Fine, she was stunning. Charles was smiling when he couldn’t keep his eyes off her rack. I smacked his chest.

“See anything you like?” asked Antonio.

“I do,” said Charles.

“Point at them, and I’ll get my butler to organise you a room.”

I pulled Charles to the side. “I’m not sure about this,” I said.

“Honey, we’re just going to talk to them. If you don’t like the guy, then don’t do anything.”

“And if you like that bimbo blonde?”

He shrugged and smiled. “Well, then…” I smacked his shoulder.

I looked at the bimbo’s husband. He’s actually kinda cute. Reminds me of Christian Bale. I would’ve been more satisfied with Antonio, but I figured that everybody at the party was his friends, so all of them must’ve been rich.

“I’m Martin,” said the bimbo’s husband when we sat on the bed.


“Have you done anything like this before.”

“What? The wife swap?” He nodded. “No. Never.”

“There’s a first time for everything.”

Martin let me talk about my hobbies and travels. I loved that he did not interrupt or change the topic. Charles knew the right things to say, but Martin knew how to make me laugh. Everything I burst into laughter, I rubbed his bicep. Oof. He works out.

We gazed into each other’s eyes when my laughter subsided. Martin slid his hand up my leg and kissed me. His lips lowered to my neck before he licked my breast. He slipped off the strap and sucked my nipple.

I closed my eyes and moaned. When he kissed my abdomen, I reclined on the bed. Martin pulled up my skirt and slipped off my g-string. The man knew how to use his tongue. A dog couldn’t waggle as well as him.

I smiled when he stood up and took off his shirt. He had broad shoulders and a six-pack to die for. Martin spread my legs open and stuffed his big cock inside me.

My eyes averted before I grimaced and screamed. He squeezed my tits when he craned his head. He was rattling when he plowed me. His dick popped out. I frowned and quickly grabbed it to shove it back inside my pussy.

He carried on hammering me. It felt amazing. I orgasmed twice. When I saw him wince, I hoped that he wouldn’t cum. I wanted it to last for, at least, another half an hour.

Martin told me to sit on top with my back toward him. He grabbed my waist, and I bounced on his dick; it was so hard. My hair cascaded off my shoulders when I craned my head back and screamed.

He clutched a fist of my hair and pulled it. That made me jump on his dick faster. His dick popped out when I jumped too high. I grabbed it and shoved it into my mouth. He rubbed my head

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Notes Jessica's husband suggests a wife swap. The experience leads to an interesting turn of events.
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